[Video] Factory Floor’s ‘How You Say’


Factory Floor  How You Say   official music video    YouTube

Here’s the video for DFA Abrasive AcidElectroPoppers Factory Floor’s new single How You Say. An energetic and hypnotic slice of IndustroPop with a House groove.

The clip was directed buy Dan Tombs & Nik Colk Void and features singer Void on TV and loads of stripes.

Factory Floor’s How You Say is released 14th April.

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[Video] Factory Floor’s ‘Turn It Up’


Factory Floor  Turn It Up   official music video    YouTube

This is the official video for DFA’s Factory Floor’s Turn It Up, a hypnotic concoction of 808s, reverb washed vocals, live drums and distant soundscapes.

Dan Tombs put the video together, a kaleidoscope of suitably fitting video effects.

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[Audio] Factory Floor’s ‘Fall Back’

Factory Floor

It’s been about a year since UK Indie-Electro/Post-Punk/Post-Industrial outfit Factory Floor’s last single. The first hit of their début album, slated for release in May, is finally here. Getting a little Minimal Synth groove on, Fall Back is released on DFA later this month.

Clocking in it just under nine minutes, Fall Back is a hypnotic Elektro Industrial excursion. Combining the sparse electronic assault of early Industrial, the listless vocals of Minimal Synth and the pounding of EBM, all wrapped up in Factory Floors’ effortless cool, Fall Back delivers an aural experience that could have easily come out of Sheffield in 1980. It’s an interesting hint of what to expect when Factory Floor’s album drops, and a track you can completely loose yourself in.

♫ Factory Floor – Fall Back

Factory Floor’s Fall Back is released 15th January.

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Mark Stewart & Factory Floor’s ‘Stereohype’ video

Post Punk electronic pioneer Mark Stewart is about to release a new single with Indie-Electro outfit Factory Floor. The second single from his current Politics Of Envy album.

Here’s the video for Stereohype, directed by Orla Fokdalm as edgy as the abrasive track itself.

Stereotype is released 1st October.

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