Black Strobe’s ‘Boogie In Zero Gravity’ EP

Black Strobe

Next week sees the release of Black Strobe’s Boogie In Zero Gravity EP. Having spent the last few months releasing some excellent tracks solo Arnaud Rebotini returns to the Black Strobe moniker as the sole surviving original member, and it seems he’s using Black Strobe to experiment and indulge in a new sound. Whilst the ElectroClash beats and seedy Disco synths that are Black Strobe’s trademark remain, we are also treated to an injection of Southern Blues.

Kinda’ building on 2007’s Burn Your Own Church, but with more swagger, and more soul and more electronics. Where as Burn Your Own Church was pretty much a straight up Rock album, Boogie In Zero Gravity is the sound of the deep south, if Moog’s were dead cheep in the down by the bayou. A mixture of soulful swamp Blues and Chicago House, Boogie In Zero Gravity, and it’s flip side White Gospel Blues are definitely unique, if nothing else. But also brilliantly atmospheric. The reMix package is pretty huge, alongside work from Jeremy Glenn with a brilliant man-machine track and and Drop Out Orchestra sweet laid back Disco (neither of which we’re allowed to play you more than 1m30s of, which isn’t worth bothering with really) is a mix from Elijah Collins, a man making a lot of waves recently. He delivers an atmospheric space Disco track. Slightly brooding and very electronic, Collins brings a different side to the Blues. Fellow Blackstrobe Records producer Museum provides a bonus mix which again, retains the Bluesy fell, but channels that through a vintage synth machine that spits out a pulsating analog workout.

♫ Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Extended Version)

Black Strobe – White Gospel Blues (Museum reMix)

♫ Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Elijah Collins reMix)

The Boogie In Zero Gravity EP is out 16th July.

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