[Video] Marnie’s ‘Wolves’


Marnie   Wolves  Official Video    YouTube

At the start of the week we dropped the majestic ElectroPop new single from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie, Wolves. Today we drop the video. Go there to read the words, stay here to watch the pictures. Simple.

The clip was directed by Helen herself and Michael Sherrington and is a glossy, hazy, performance piece. I hope you like lens-flare.

Marnie’s Wolves is out now.

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[Audio] Marnie’s ‘Wolves’



Last year; Crystal World, the début album from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie turned out to be one of our favourite records of the year. It’s an LP that still gets a fair amount of play around these parts, so we never expected to get our first taste of Marnie’s album number two so soon, but here is Wolves, the first single from her sophomore release; due out next year.

Instantly more uplifting and optimistic that the content of Crystal World; Wolves, a track inspired in part but the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence, is loaded with swelling chords and rousing choruses. Easing itself in with a growling, buzzing synth line, the track soon erupts into a rapturous choir of majestic synths and anthemic vocals. Marnie’s follow up album could turn out to be an entirely different beast.

♫ Marnie – Wolves

Marnie’s Wolves is out now.

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[Video] Marnie’s ‘Hearts On Fire’


Marnie   Hearts On Fire  Official Video    YouTube

The track Hearts On Fire is the subject of the new video from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie. It’s from her album Crystal World, one of our favourite records of last year and the Ladytron album we’d been waiting for.

The clip is directed by James Slater, who tempers the tracks epic scope with a simple, but effective, visual style.

Marnie’s Crystal World is out now.

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[Video] Ladytron’s Marnie’s ‘The Hunter’


Marnie   The Hunter  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s out first taste of Ladytron’s Helen Marnie’s forthcoming solo album, Crystal World. The album is being crowdfunded and the first track comes in the form of The Hunter. It’s sounding awesome, deep pulsating SynthPop topped with Marnie’s instantly recognisable voice. It;s made us totally excited for the album;s release.

Directed by Michael Sherrington the clip, loaded with vintage video effects and quick cuts, that captures the introspective energy of the track perfectly.

Marnie’s Crystal World album is out next week.

You can pick up Crystal World here.

Ladytron’s Marnie announces solo album

Ladytron’s  Helen Marnie has announced that she has been recording a solo album in her time between Ladytron chores.

The album is being recorded in Iceland and Marnie is crowdfunding the release where pledges can pick up everything from personalised ringtones to Helen’s old Mini Cooper. Check out the video for a taste of what’s to come.

You can help crowdfund the release, and pick up some unique items, here.