[Audio] Rogue Vogue’s ‘Say You Will (+ Dublin Aunts reMix)


Rogue Vogue

Chicago House music producer, and in our opinion one of the finest in the genre, Rogue Vogue is dropping a new single at the start of next month. Out on House of Disco Records, Say You Will is backed with the track More Than Enough and reMixes from such big names on the scene as LeSale, Sixth Avenue Express and Dublin Aunts is what sounds like one of the Chicago House releases of the year.

Say You Will is bombastic Chicago House that weaves it’s way around a classic sounding vocal sample. Popping with fresh elements, from the digital sax hook to the subtly piano line and the requisite 909 hats, Say You Will doesn’t leave you standing, serving up everything you need to get lost on the dancefloor. Lost in music, that is. More Than Enough is a slightly deeper affair. With more of a strobe lit warehouse vibe the track plays with subby bassed and ghostly organs amongst a compelling House beat. It;s another track that hard not to move to, featuring a punchy riff and just the tiniest hint of Luther Vandross. LaSale, Sixth Avenue Express and Dublin Aunts all apply their own brands of Disco and House to the track, but the most compelling for us was Dublin Aunts piano driven breakdown of the song. There’s just something about the combination of piano and synth bass, and the way these guys play with vocal samples that make their brand of slightly ecclectic House so interesting.

♫ Rogue Vogue – Say You Will

♫ Rogue Vogue – More Than Enough

♫ Rogue Vogue – Say You Will (Dublin Aunts Day Rave Mix)

Rogue Vogue’s Say You Will is released 5th August.

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