[Audio] Dublin Aunts rework Kool Bandits

Kool Bandits

French cheesy Disco outfit Kool Bandits are releasing a reMix package for their single of late last year, Gliding Over The City. Of particular note on the release is a reworked version from Australia’s Dublin Aunts, who inject the track with a lush tropical feel.

Dublin Aunts take a smooth Disco approach to the track. Laid back, but not slow, their reMix is a slick, sexy take on the track that’s aimed straight at late night dancefloors. With a sprinkling of Tropical vibes set amongst some Deep House grooves and airy Disco pads, their reMix slowly builds toward a selection of twisted funk riffs and on the whole delivers the prefect mirrorball experience.

♫ Kool Bandits – Gliding Over The City (Dublin Aunts Rework)

Kool Bandits’ Gliding Over The City reMixes are released 22nd February.

Buy Kool Bandits’ music from:



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