[Audio] Dublin Aunts rework Kool Bandits

Kool Bandits

French cheesy Disco outfit Kool Bandits are releasing a reMix package for their single of late last year, Gliding Over The City. Of particular note on the release is a reworked version from Australia’s Dublin Aunts, who inject the track with a lush tropical feel.

Dublin Aunts take a smooth Disco approach to the track. Laid back, but not slow, their reMix is a slick, sexy take on the track that’s aimed straight at late night dancefloors. With a sprinkling of Tropical vibes set amongst some Deep House grooves and airy Disco pads, their reMix slowly builds toward a selection of twisted funk riffs and on the whole delivers the prefect mirrorball experience.

♫ Kool Bandits – Gliding Over The City (Dublin Aunts Rework)

Kool Bandits’ Gliding Over The City reMixes are released 22nd February.

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Kool Bandits’ ‘Dancefloor Hold Up’


Way back, last month, we posted a track by French outfit Kool Bandits, then called ‘I Want You’ the track has now been renamed ‘Dancefloor Hold Up’ and has been given the full vocal treatment for it’s single release.

The vocal is actually quite weird, really self-referential. It kinda’ works, but I’m torn as to which version I prefer, this or the Instrumental version. The vocal version is definitely more of a commercial party starter. The track itself, as we said last time, is unashamedly poppy with it’s hook, with a dirty bassline and a big euphoric riff. But the vocals are maybe just a tad too cheese laden and meandering for our tastes. That said though, it’s still a really good track, and the single is definitely worth picking up, if mainly for the Instrumental and it’s insanely catchy hook. The instrumental version is the standout track here, but this vocal version is definitely going to get some play over the summer.

Kool Bandits – Dancefloor Hold Up  (Radio Edit)

Kool Bandits – Dancefloor Hold Up  (Instrumental Mix)

‘Dancefloor Hold Up’ is released 22nd June.

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Kool Bandits’ ‘I Want You’

kool bandits

This kinda’ got buried in out Inbox, it happens sometimes. we had a big clear-out this weekend and this mail from France’s Kool Bandits from a couple of weeks ago floated to the top. I don’t know how we could have missed it, it’s totally awesome growling French Touch. Time to make up for the oversight!

With an unashamedly Poppy hook and some nice, hypnotic vocodered vocals it’s clear that Kool Bandits are aiming for something that will worm it’s way into your heart and mind. You won’t be able to get this massive chunk of Disco our of your head. With groove laden basslines playing off against chainsaw synth riffs it’s the prefect mid-point between Funky Nu-Disco and euphoric Electro-House. Apparently there’s a full vocal version coming soon, we can’t wait!

Kool Bandits – I Want You (Original Mix)

Check out more from Kool Bandits on SoundCloud.