Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘The Edits’


Wednesday seems like a kinda’ off the wall day of the week to release an album, but Swedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra have never been a pair to shy away from the off the wall. Take their new release, a who album of disco edits, mostly of ‘80’s Pop songs. there’s some real genius in that.

Brushing aside the legality of releasing an album of, essentially, reMixes of other people songs, which we’re not even going to think about, Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘The Edits’ is an awesome collection of Funked out version of tunes we all know and love. Much of the time these track go way beyond the remit of an ‘edit’, often played live in the studio with four or five musicians. The album plays like a tour through the catchier side of the ‘80’s on a bus full of drunk disco musicians. Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge’s House classic ‘It’s All Right’ gets a speedy update that keeps the vocal and piano hook intact but layers think new slabs of Boogie and a fast fingered bassline. Other highlights of the record include a smoothed over version of Robyn’s ‘Hang With Me’, which becomes a shiny lazy Disco groove. Duran Duran’s ‘Girls On Film’ is morphed into a wicked riffed, dubbed out, cosmic jam and off-the-wall-est of all Bros’ ‘When I Will I Be Famous?’ in a Moog laden Acid tweaking collision with a guitar solo. Drop Out Orchestra obviously had a lot of fun putting these tracks together, and we certainly had a lot of fun listening to them.

Drop Out Orchestra – Pounds Sterling (Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge – It’s All Right (Drop Out Orchestra reMix (Edit)))

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – Hang Out (Robyn – Hang With Me (Drop Out Orchestra Rework))

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – Famous (Bros – When Will I Be Famous? (Drop Out Orchestra Rework (Edit))

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – Girls On Dub (Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Drop Out Orchestra Rework (Edit))

Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘The Edits’ is released today on Juno.

Buy Drop Out Orchestra’s music from:

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