The Opiates’ ‘Silent Comes The Nighttime (Again)’ video

Here we have the recently premièred video for Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim’s The Opiates alter ego’s ‘Silent Comes The Nighttime (Again)’ .

The track is taken from the duo’s excellent ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’ album of last year. A collection of deep and soulful electronic laments that combined the beauty and passion of Billie’s voice with Solheim’s Deep House grooves. The track in question here is an ode to insomnia and both sonically, and in the video, visually manages to convey the nervous, sometimes otherworldly, tension of late night sleep deprivation. Jörn Hartmann directs the video, a dreamlike, monochrome clip with a slight uncomfortable edge.

The Opiates’ ‘Hollywood Cuts (The reMixes)’ is released 26th February on Disco Activisto.

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The Opiates’ reMix album

The Opiates

The double team of Miss Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim, The Opiates’ ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’ album was a pretty regular fixture on electronic rumors last year. Well, that momentum doesn’t need to stop. Next month The Opiates release ‘Hollywood Cuts (The reMixes)’, an album chock full of some big names reMixing some big tracks from ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’.

the list of reMixers is pretty impressive, Kim Ann Foxman, Doorly, Chris & Cosey, Drop Out Orchestra, Dan Beaumont and this track from Dalston’s Disco Bloodbath. Taking the lead track from the album, ‘Candy Coated Crime’, Disco Bloodbath lay down some deep electronic sounds. Their pulsating synthesizer Disco conjures a mood of late nights on dingy dancefloors, dark clubs and strange places. A perfect match for Billie’s sultry vocal. With a slight dark Italo feel this reMix is one for a dark future.

♫ The Opiates – Candy Coated Crime (Disco Bloodbath reMix)

The Opiates’ ‘Hollywood Cuts (The reMixes)’ is released 26th February on Disco Activisto.

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The Opiates reMixed by Drop Out Orchestra

The Opiates

What you have here is the voice of Miss Billie Ray Martin, here in her The Opiates guise with producer Robert Solheim, and the slick groove of Swedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra. If that’s not enough to have you hitting the play button then there’s something very wrong with you.

Those  wicked Disco licks and cosmic synths are the perfect backing to completely redefine Billie’s vocals into a smooth, late night jam. Billie’s soulful, slightly husky, delivery leans itself effortlessly to Drop Out’s laid back vibe. Funking into the night!

The Opiates – Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra  Dub)

The Opiates’ ‘Hollywood under The Knife’ album is out now, this track is taken from a forthcoming reMix album.

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The Opiates’ new video

Here’s the video for Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim’s The Opiates project’s track ‘Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl’.

The video, directed by Jörn Hartmann is as evocative as the track’s subject matter, a dark tale of beauty gone wrong.

‘Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl’ is taken from The Opiates début album ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’ due out on Disco Activisto Records, 21st October.

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The Opiates’s new reMix EP

the opiates

The Opiates is the some time collaboration between our favourite Electro Diva Billie Ray Martin and Norwegian musician Robert Solheim.

The are gearing up for the release of the ‘Rainy Days And reMixes’ EP in September ahead of their first full length album ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’ later in the year. The lead track from the EP, ‘Rainy Days And Saturdays’ is a beautiful lament over nostalgia that never existed. With hints of electronic Trip-Hop and a moody synthetic atmosphere tempered by a strain of hope in Miss Martins vocals. The EP comes chock with reMixes, including Kim Ann Foxman’s take on ‘Jalousies And Jealousies’ that got support from Vito Aeroplane in his last mixtape and Industrial legends Chris & Cosey’s deep Acid SynthPop version of ‘Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl ‘/

The Opiates – Rainy Days and Saturdays (Radio Edit)

The Opiates – Jalousies And Jealousies (Kim Ann Foxman reMix)

The Opiates – Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl (Chris & Cosey reMix)

‘Rainy Days And reMixes’ is released 19th September.

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