The Opiates reMixed by Drop Out Orchestra

The Opiates

What you have here is the voice of Miss Billie Ray Martin, here in her The Opiates guise with producer Robert Solheim, and the slick groove of Swedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra. If that’s not enough to have you hitting the play button then there’s something very wrong with you.

Those  wicked Disco licks and cosmic synths are the perfect backing to completely redefine Billie’s vocals into a smooth, late night jam. Billie’s soulful, slightly husky, delivery leans itself effortlessly to Drop Out’s laid back vibe. Funking into the night!

The Opiates – Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra  Dub)

The Opiates’ ‘Hollywood under The Knife’ album is out now, this track is taken from a forthcoming reMix album.

Buy The Opiates’s music from:


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