[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Under The Rose’



Well, the countdown clock has started. We are now on the home straight to the November release of Nashville synthetic dreamers Jensen Sportag’s long awaited début album, Stealth Of Days. We don’t wanna’ boast or anything, but we’ve had our hands on the album for a while now, and it’s served as the prefect soundtrack to the end of the summer, it really is a piece of work that is worth the wait. The awesome Cascine have outdone themselves with this one.

Right about now, you can grab yourself another taster of what to expect. Following on from Bellz, a track the released just over a month ago, wrap your ears around Under The Rose, the kind of track that makes your legs go all wobbly. Impending wheelchair bound status aside, the track flows along it’s own ChillPop R&B stream, bringing with it plucked guitar and rampant slap bass alongside undulating dunes of synths. This is the kind of tune that looks right into your soul, resonating with your mood, and then says “nah…your soul’s well boring, let’s go dancing”. And does. Better than you.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Under The Rose

Jensen Sportag’s Under The Rose is released 12th November.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘In The Air’


Soft Metals

Here’s the second single from Portland Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft Metals’ forthcoming sophomore album, Lenses. We had a taste of what’s to come back in May with the first release, Tell Me, now this new track, In The Air, has us even more eagerly awaiting the new record.

With Glaswegian Electro master JD Twitch providing hypnotic warehouse drum programming ion this one, In The Air nicely mixes up ethereal DreamPop with a gritty Acid House groove. With futuristic pulsating Acid bass and retro, clap laden, House beats In the Air has a dark, strobe lit, quality to it that is tempered only by Patricia’s haunting siren song. Lenses is definitely shaping up to be one of the albums of the year.

♫ Soft Metals – In The Air

Soft Metals’ In The Air is released on 16th July.

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[Video] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julian’


Say Lou Lou   Julian   YouTube

Here’s the video for Australian/Swedish duo Say Lou Lou current single, Julian. The single’s out now an it’s a luscious slice of DreamPop you all should be investigating.

The clip is directed by Philippe Tempelman and is just as dreamy and hazy as the song itself., sweeping in and out of focus.

Say Lou Lou’s Julian is out now.

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[Audio] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julian’


Say Lou Lou

Constantly changing your name has got to play havoc with your SEO. Just ask Say Lou Lou, we’d just got used to not calling them Saint Lou Lou and sticking with SLL when they become Say Lou Lou, although to be fair, their previous label, Kitsuné Music have done a fair job of scrubbing the old name from existence. When we say the Australian/Swedish girls live a month or so ago they seemed confused themselves as to what they were called. At that show they played a track which we though would be perfect single material. that song was Julian, their new single. Pop points for us!

Julian is even better on record, than it is live, when you can hear the nuances of the track. Which is a good thing as Julian is pretty subtle, it’s a gorgeous, warm, slice of DreamPop, bathed in layers in intricate synths and the girls comforting vocals. Even more exciting is that the single package will come equipped with reMixes from  Martin Dubka, Monsieur Adi. We can’t wait for those.

♫ Say Lou Lou – Julian

Say Lou Lou’s Julian is released 6th May

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[Video] Hervé & Maria Minerva’s ‘Gold’

We really like the direction London bassmeister Hervé has taken with his new album. it;s great to see artists trying something a bit different and Hervé has put together 9 tracks of experimental, beautiful, moody compositions and collaborations. One of the standouts being his new single, featuring Maria Minerva, Gold.

Tim Kelly directs the video, with visuals as hypnotic and woozy as the track’s sonics.

Hervé’s Art Of Disappearing album is out 4th March on Cheap Thrills.

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[Video] White Blush’s ‘Juice Of My Heart’

Here’s LA ElectroPop experimentalist White Blush new video for her tracks Juice Of My Heart.

Carol Rhyu herself directs the clip, which is pretty brutal, but I won;t spoil it for you, just watch.

White Blush’s self-titled début EP is out now.

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[MP3] White Blush’s début EP

White Blush

White Blush is the pseudonym of LA based artist Carol Rhyu. originally from Chicago, Carol began playing in synth bands when she was in film school in LA, culminating in her launching her White Blush project earlier this year. She’s just released her début, self-titled, EP, and it makes for engrossing listening.

White Blush is a record of many sides, Carol’s music walking a line between hazy Dreampop and Minimal Synth. Stripped down and personal, the six songs on the EP quickly equate you with Rhyu’s ethereal tone and a sparse collection of vintage synth sounds. True Luv, the EP’s opener confronts you with a melodic barrage of ChipTune, raw Drum Machines and waves of dreamlike vocals that swim around the robotic cacophony, a melding of beauty with harshness that is evident throughout the EP. Carol site’s Julee Cruise as an influence, and it’s one she wears on her sleeve. If Cruise was locked in a room with only a TR808, a C64 and an array of broken vintage synths, and sleep deprived, the result may be similar. Mirror matches pulsing arpeggios with a toy-town melody to sound like a fevered dream version of the Blade Runner end titles while Jolene presents imposing industrial drums that are soon tempered with lush synths and some truly epic vocals. 808 Myst is the music from Myst played on an 808, and yes, it is a weird, and downright eerie, as it sounds and lease into the closing track. Juice Of My Heart is rapturous electronic Shoegaze that’s it’s easy to get lost in. White Blush’s début is an impressive, and involving piece of work. An otherworldly journey that leaves you reeling once it finishes and you’re back to reality.

White Blush – True Luv

White Blush – Jolene

White Blush – Juice Of My Heart

White Blush’s self-titled début EP is out now.

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[Video] Chromatics’ ‘Cherry’

The awesome Chromatics have another new video up! This spacey slice of New York Disco tinged DreamPop is titled Cherry.

You know the drill, Alberto Rossini directs and it’s full of gorgeous hazy visuals.

Cherry will be featured on Italians Do It Better’s long awaited After Dark 2 compilation.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Swim’

Box Of Wolves

‘Swim’ is the first in a series of four free tracks from London based Canadian Chillwave producer Box Of Wolves’ new free single. This Torontonian dream-weaver has been steadily putting out luscious, Disco flavoured, spacey synth tracks for over a year now. Groove infused Chillwave and hazy SynthPop that contains some true gems. He’s releasing one track a week for the next month to make up the Swim EP, all for free.

Click the link below to download the title track, a rich composition of synth textures with am early 90s R&B swing. Reverb washed vintage synth sounds ebb and flow in and out of the audio spectrum as lush chords provide a floaty counterpoint to the punchy dance bassline. Haunting vocal snatches weave their way through the sonic landscape as Box Of Wolves conjures up something that works just as well on the dancefloor as it does as food for your mind.

Box Of Wolves – Swim

The first track from Swim is released today, which the subsequent three tracks release in the coming weeks.

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