[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Bellz’


Jensen Sportag

It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for new material from Nashville Chillwavers Jensen Sportag, their Pure Wet EP seems like it was years ago, and that’s because it was, and with only the odd track and reMix here and there since, we feel slightly deprived of cool dreamlike Funk. Fear not though, the duo have been hunkered down in the studio busting out their début album. Set for release in November on Cascine, Stealth Of Days is as good as you’d hope it to be (we’ve had a cheeky listen, shhhh) and here’s your first taste, Bellz.

The album’s first single really show off what the Sportags have been up to these long two years. Bellz rocks a killer digital bassline and smooth retro stabs. For a track seen though the haze of reverb, the groove is amazingly tight. That bassline plays off the shuffling beats with razor sharp precision, which allows the airy Soul vocals and waves of hazy Tropical synths to glide over the tune in a loose fashion without stripping the tune of it’s dancefloor appeal. Which leaves you with the best of two worlds, Chillwave and Disco, really.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Bellz

Bellz is out now, Jensen Sportag’s début album, Stealth Of Days, is due out 12th November.

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