[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘Under The Rose’



Well, the countdown clock has started. We are now on the home straight to the November release of Nashville synthetic dreamers Jensen Sportag’s long awaited début album, Stealth Of Days. We don’t wanna’ boast or anything, but we’ve had our hands on the album for a while now, and it’s served as the prefect soundtrack to the end of the summer, it really is a piece of work that is worth the wait. The awesome Cascine have outdone themselves with this one.

Right about now, you can grab yourself another taster of what to expect. Following on from Bellz, a track the released just over a month ago, wrap your ears around Under The Rose, the kind of track that makes your legs go all wobbly. Impending wheelchair bound status aside, the track flows along it’s own ChillPop R&B stream, bringing with it plucked guitar and rampant slap bass alongside undulating dunes of synths. This is the kind of tune that looks right into your soul, resonating with your mood, and then says “nah…your soul’s well boring, let’s go dancing”. And does. Better than you.

♫ Jensen Sportag – Under The Rose

Jensen Sportag’s Under The Rose is released 12th November.

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