[Audio] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julian’


Say Lou Lou

Constantly changing your name has got to play havoc with your SEO. Just ask Say Lou Lou, we’d just got used to not calling them Saint Lou Lou and sticking with SLL when they become Say Lou Lou, although to be fair, their previous label, Kitsuné Music have done a fair job of scrubbing the old name from existence. When we say the Australian/Swedish girls live a month or so ago they seemed confused themselves as to what they were called. At that show they played a track which we though would be perfect single material. that song was Julian, their new single. Pop points for us!

Julian is even better on record, than it is live, when you can hear the nuances of the track. Which is a good thing as Julian is pretty subtle, it’s a gorgeous, warm, slice of DreamPop, bathed in layers in intricate synths and the girls comforting vocals. Even more exciting is that the single package will come equipped with reMixes from  Martin Dubka, Monsieur Adi. We can’t wait for those.

♫ Say Lou Lou – Julian

Say Lou Lou’s Julian is released 6th May

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