[Video] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julian’


Say Lou Lou   Julian   YouTube

Here’s the video for Australian/Swedish duo Say Lou Lou current single, Julian. The single’s out now an it’s a luscious slice of DreamPop you all should be investigating.

The clip is directed by Philippe Tempelman and is just as dreamy and hazy as the song itself., sweeping in and out of focus.

Say Lou Lou’s Julian is out now.

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[Audio] Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julian’


Say Lou Lou

Constantly changing your name has got to play havoc with your SEO. Just ask Say Lou Lou, we’d just got used to not calling them Saint Lou Lou and sticking with SLL when they become Say Lou Lou, although to be fair, their previous label, Kitsuné Music have done a fair job of scrubbing the old name from existence. When we say the Australian/Swedish girls live a month or so ago they seemed confused themselves as to what they were called. At that show they played a track which we though would be perfect single material. that song was Julian, their new single. Pop points for us!

Julian is even better on record, than it is live, when you can hear the nuances of the track. Which is a good thing as Julian is pretty subtle, it’s a gorgeous, warm, slice of DreamPop, bathed in layers in intricate synths and the girls comforting vocals. Even more exciting is that the single package will come equipped with reMixes from  Martin Dubka, Monsieur Adi. We can’t wait for those.

♫ Say Lou Lou – Julian

Say Lou Lou’s Julian is released 6th May

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[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Goldroom

Here’s the recent NightWaves single reMixed by Short Circuit. Wait. Sorry. Flashback. What I meant to say is here’s the recent Goldroom single reMixes by Touch Tone. I do love it when the old Binary crew get together for tracks, makes me feel nostalgic before I’ve even pressed play, and I can always trust that pressing play will live up to my expectations.

No fear here, Touch Tone crafts the prefect breezy vibe for the track. Slightly Tropical, the track flows like water, the dreamy vocals curling in and out of Touch Tone’s laid-back Disco like smoke. Built on a French-Disco-esque piano riff, the reMix takes it time to deliver soul shaking bass and a rolling beat over it’s relaxed five minute run. This is cruising music, a feel good tune that sweeps all your worries away.

Goldroom (Feat. SLL) – Sweetness Alive (Touch Tone reMix)

Goldroom’s Sweetness Alive is out now.

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[Audio] Goldroom & SLL (Saint Lou Lou)


OK, so first we have to address that Sweden based Australian twin sisters Saint Lou Lou aren’t Saint Lou Lou any more, now they’re just SLL. Is this a good move?, we doubt it (every-time I see it I immediately think SSL), but whatever, they still sound as sweet as ever. Perhaps more than ever as they team up with one of the most talented artists around right now, Goldroom.

Riding high on the worldwide success of his Fifteen single, featuring Chela on vox, Josh Legg brings a little summer sun into our chilly winter nights. The dreamy harmonies of Sain…SLL are a perfect match for that Goldroom flavour. Here Josh get’s a little more Poppy than usual, bringing his nautical vibe with a robust bassline and shimmering Island synths to a straight-up ElectroPop track, giving it a Tropical twist. The result is a truly blissful tune that kinda’ shines like when the sun’s ray catch the water. So brilliant it’s blinding.

♫ Goldroom (Feat. SLL) – Sweetness Alive

Goldroom’s Sweetness Alive is out now.

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Saint Lou Lou’s ‘Maybe You’ video

This is the video for Australian duo Saint Lou Lou’s blissful new single ‘Maybe You’.

Philippe Tempelman directs this beautiful clip, heavy on precise visuals that compliment the track well.

Saint Lou Lou ‘s Maybe You is out now.

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Good Night Keaton reMixes Saint Lou Lou

Saint Lou Lou

If you haven’t picked up the new single from Australian girl duo Saint Lou Lou, released this week in Kitsuné, you should. It’s been stuck in my head since last week, and that’s not a bad thing. If something is going to be on repeat in your mind, then this is a pretty good song to have stuck. If you need any more convincing check out the reMix from Good Night Keaton.

Good Night Keaton, is, you’ll know by now, Aaron Shanahan, drummer form the mighty Miami Horror. having just reMixed Gigamesh he’s going from strength to strength with his deep Disco tracks. With Maybe You Good Night Keaton brings his sweeping, all encompassing, Disco to the mix which seems  to completely lift the girls catchy vocal hook to a breezy Disco place. Tropical percussion and stabbing retro synths are all present and correct, but Shanahan production style owes a little to the Indie-Elector of Miami Horror, resulting in a fresh summery slice of euphoria.

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You (Good Night Keaton reMix)

Saint Lou Lou ‘s Maybe You is out now.

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Saint Lou Lou’s ‘Maybe You’

Saint Lou Lou

Saint Lou Lou’s much hyped track Maybe You will be getting a proper release soon. None other than Kitsuné Music picked it up for release and have loaded the single with reMixes from Miami Horror’s drummer Good Night Keaton, CFCF, Oxford,  Le Crayon, Pyramid. Phew!

Maybe You is a dreamy track. Glowing ElectroPop and sparse acoustic guitar seem to float around the speakers while these two Sweeden based Australian twin sisters’ gentle vocals swirl around the track with a grace and epic emotionality that’s rare to come across in such a chilled tune. This is Dream Pop at it;s finest, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s going to lend itself amazingly to some big reMixes, we heard the package and it really does!

♫ Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You

Saint Lou Lou ‘s Maybe You is released 27th August.

Check out more from Saint Lou Lou on SoundCloud.