[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘No Turning Back’


Soft Metals     No Turning Back    YouTube

Here’s another new video from Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ amazing sophomore album, Lenses. This time the brooding No Turning Back gets the spotlight. The band are heading to Europe on a month long tour in April, check the dates here.

The clip was directed by performance artist Erica Schreiner, who we think might need a hug.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘When I Look Into Your Eyes’ reMixed by L-Sedition


Soft Metals

When two acts we’re particularly fond of come together it;s always a cause for excitement. Especially when those two acts are at the forefront of intelligent electronic music. Portland Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ Lenses album was one of the highlights of last year for us, so we’re stoked to hear there is a reMix album on the horizon, even more stoked that one of the reMixes comes from ex-Violet Tremors; L-Sedition, further stoked to première the reMix right here. That’s a lot of stoked, we know, but listen to the tune and you’ll hear why.

The reMix is actually surprisingly Housey, with a real old school flavour that’s a mix of Chicago and Detroit.The hypnotic beat, best suited to strobe light business, carries you along past waves of grinding synths and sparking arpeggios. With just a haunting hint of the original’s vocals, L-Sedition crafts an engrossing, striped back, vintage Dance sound without forgetting the edgy SynthPop roots of the track.

♫ Soft Metals – When I Look Into Your Eyes (L-Sedition reMix)

Soft Metals’ Lenses reMixes is released 3rd February.

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[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘On a Cloud’


Soft Metals  On a Cloud   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Portland Minimal Synth outfit Soft MetalsOn A Cloud, taken from their amazing sophomore album Lenses.

The clip was directed by Erica Schreiner, who commented “The story in the video speaks about how living in a dream or on a cloud, doesn’t last for long and can be a deception. Very quickly too much sweetness can make you sick.”.

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[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘Lenses’


Soft Metals  Lenses   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Lenses, the title track of amazing Portland based Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ sophomore album.

Co-Directed by Eva Aguila and Soft Metal’s Patricia Hall, it’s the closes thing to a ‘traditional’ music video Soft Metals have done, but with added Soft Metals psychedelic, electronic, flair.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘Tell Me’


Soft Metals    Tell Me   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Portland based  Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft MetalsTell Me, taken from their stunning new album Lenses.

Re-edited from a short film titled Hardcore, from filmmakers Erin Frost and Shaun Kardinal, the clip features lots of getting it on.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘In The Air’


Soft Metals

Here’s the second single from Portland Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft Metals’ forthcoming sophomore album, Lenses. We had a taste of what’s to come back in May with the first release, Tell Me, now this new track, In The Air, has us even more eagerly awaiting the new record.

With Glaswegian Electro master JD Twitch providing hypnotic warehouse drum programming ion this one, In The Air nicely mixes up ethereal DreamPop with a gritty Acid House groove. With futuristic pulsating Acid bass and retro, clap laden, House beats In the Air has a dark, strobe lit, quality to it that is tempered only by Patricia’s haunting siren song. Lenses is definitely shaping up to be one of the albums of the year.

♫ Soft Metals – In The Air

Soft Metals’ In The Air is released on 16th July.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘Tell Me’


Soft Metals

Tell Me is our first hint of LA SynthPop/Minimal Synth duo Soft Metals’ long awaited sophomore album. The new full length LP, titled Lenses, follows the bands acclaimed 2011 self titled record and is set to drop in June. Tell Me gives us just a little taste of what to expect from Lenses.

It’s a track that is severely whetting out appetites. Hypnotic bests, robotic apreggios, metallic chords, all tempered with Patricia’s gentle, haunting vocal. Delivering an almost classic Italo groove, with just a hint of the kind of cosmic vibe you’d expect from Sci-Fi Italo, the ice cold electronics work together to produce something that is far warmer than the sum of it’s parts suggest, far funkier too. By the time the big vintage keys kick-in you can;t help but be drawn back into Soft Metals world. It’s a welcome return that has us eagerly awaiting the album.

♫ Soft Metals – Tell Me

Soft Metals’ Lenses is due to be released 16th June via Captured Tracks.

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Soft Metals’ reMix EP

soft metals

This May Portland ElectroPop duo Soft Metals, who crafted one of our favourite albums of last year, are releasing a collection of reMixes from the aforementioned, self-titled, album on 12” and digital.

‘The reMixes’ contains five varied and interesting (8 on the digital release) interpretations of tracks from the album. Amongst the talent brought in to provide versions are VALIS, Yard, Waves, and The Drum who all deliver some stunning listening alongside out picks from the EP. Xander Harris’ take on Soft Metals best known track, ‘Psychic Driving’ presents us with an old school EBM beat against some sharp synths that threaten to veer off into Italo territory at times. The version of ‘Eyes Closed’ from Copy is a deep early 90’s House track with a lush square wave bass. A definite highlight of the EP. Casa Del Mirto turn ‘Do You Remember?’ into a beautiful, almost Balearic, ElectroPop track that evolves into some full-on sunrise Acid. The last of our picks is from The Soulless Party, who also take on ‘Psychic Driving’ and give it a dreamlike retro SynthPop makeover. As an added bonus, a big chunk of the proceeds from sales will go to Doctors Without Borders. Excellent electronic music and helping a worth cause, that’s a win/win!

♫ Soft Metals – Psychic Driving (Xander Harris reMix)

♫ Soft Metals – Eyes Closed (Copy reMix)

♫ Soft Metals – Do You Remember? (Casa Del Mirto Extended reMix)

♫ Soft Metals – Psychic Driving (The Soulless Party reMix) (Digital Only)

Soft Metals ‘The reMixes’ is released on 12” and download on 15th May via Sweating Tapes.

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Soft Metals’ ‘Psychic Driving’ video

Here’s the new video for Soft Metals’ amazing ‘Psychic Driving’.

Quite an old tune, but no less awesome, now, this video was put together by Erica Schreiner.

Soft Metals’ self-titled début album is out now.

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