Cinnamon Chasers & Lameboy Advance


OK, so we’re going to try not to go mad on entries into Cinnamon Chasers ‘The Day That Never Came’ reMix cometition, but sometimes we can’t help it. We love Cinnamon Chasers and Cinnamon Chasers X producers we really dig, such as Lameboy Advance, is a equation for awesome we can’t turn down.

This take on the track by Lameboy isn’t really an Edit despite being called that, it’s actually a full-blown reMix, which is a good thing because the German SynthWave producer takes the song down a sweetly melancholic nostalgia route. Deep ‘80’s bass, muted guitar and gentle retro synth chords transform the doomy vocal into something softer, and the track into a chilled-out SynthPop track the cruises along with a slightly summery vibe.

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – The Day That Never Came (Lameboy Advance Edit)

‘The Day That Never Came’ is out now.

Buy Cinnamon Chasers’ music from:

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