[Audio] Justin Faust’s ‘Space Rhumba’


Justin Faust

It’s been awhile since we’d had a new release from German Nu-Discomeister Justin Faust, but this week Discotexas release the man’s new single, Space Rhumba. Prepare for some cosmic Latin rhythms backed by reMixes from Discotexas’ own Xinobi and Swiss producer Mercury.

This one’s a straight-up party starter. The combination of Latin purcussion and sweeping galactic Disco synths makes for a unique, and hard to ignore, sound. It’s got a vibe unlike anything you would have heard recently, like Miami meets Paris with a head nodding bassline and a rhumba fuelled piano lead. Xinobi’s take on the track into a sweet piano led groover loaded with wicked Disco licks and a clicky Electro beat. Definitely one for the crate.

♫ Justin Faust – Space Rhumba

♫ Justin Faust – Space Rhumba (Xinobi reMix)

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