[Download] Disco Socks’ ‘Sock Drawer Secrets #3’



It’s not often we cover collections of Edits on these pages, the odd one or two here and there when they impress us, but collection we generally pass over (mainly because we get confused as to who gets the article image and purchase links!), but this new three tracker from London’s DiscoSocks definitely bears mentioning. These three new Edits from the man make up his just released Sock Drawer Secrets #3 EP which, as the title would suggest, is his third release of Edit secret weapons. All three are pretty stunning, here are our favourite two for the EP.

The Three Degrees are first up here with their Giorgio Moroder produced hit Giving Up, Giving In. The original’s fuzzy synth grove is easy fuel for an Edit and DiscoSocks runs with it, layering the funk over a solid House beat. Giving the track a whole new lease of life with a decidedly clubby pump and a new arrangement that suddenly delivers a more dancefloor oriented journey, DiscoSocks has managed to retain the original’s slick Saturday night flavour whist dragging it into 2014. Fire Fox’s 1985 single Round Trip Ticket is up next, in it’s inception a slick 80s Soul Pop jam, loaded with synth funk goodness. Ripe for the editing definitely. In this case DiscoSocks knows just what to bring to the fore and what to drop back, driving the B-Boy beat and synth stabs, along with the vocals, to headline the track making it sound as fresh as ever. Want some sure-fire tools for your crate? DiscoSocks has got you covered.

The Three Degrees – Giving Up, Giving In (DiscoSocks Edit)

Fire Fox – Round Trip Ticket (DiscoSocks Edit)

DiscoSocks’ Sock Drawer Secrets #3 EP is out now, you can download the whole release free from here.

Buy DiscoSocks’ music from:

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