Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis

OK, if there’s two things you know le love ‘round these parts it’s cheesy Pop and Disco, and London’s Nude Disco is fast becoming our go-to guy for slick combinations of the two. Especially when teaming up with Dirty Vegas’ Paul Harris. Remember Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever? Prepare to get funky with it.

Vern and Paul grab a hint Italo, a little of the Balearic, a sprinkle of Nu-Disco and mix it up with pitch perfect use of the vocals to create an instantly recognisable, but funky fresh, summer jam. An upbeat beach vibe and some dreamy swooping synths keep the track on the edge of blissful with the vocals chanted out like a mantra, it’s almost hypnotic.

Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever (Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix)

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