[Audio] Grum reMixes Dirty Vegas’ ‘Setting Sun’


Dirty Vegas

We’ve been a bit busy recently and might have overlooked writing about the new single from the amazing Dirty Vegas. Setting Sun sees the boys treading classic Dirty Vegas territory with a blissful Balearic groove and utterly euphoric, carefree vibes. Good stuff that gets even better when you inject healthy done of Mr. Grum into the mix.

Grum seems to capture everything we love about Dirty Vegas perfectly, whilst twisting it slightly to match his own music personality. What that means is you get the dreamy, sunset, House tinged ElectroPop that Dirty Vegas do so well; that hazy dance feel that carries you away with it, paired with Grum nostalgic powerhouse post-Dreamwave House. Delivering a massive dance tune that feels close and personal, Dirty Vegas and Grum seem like the perfect pairing.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Grum reMix)

Dirty Vegas’ Setting Sun is out now.

Buy Dirty Vegas’ music from:


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