[Audio] Ben Macklin and Tobtok reMix Kill Me Softly &Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s ‘Catch’


Jane Elizabeth Hanley

It was back in October last year we first featured Kill Me Softly’s Catch. The duo, a collaboration between Nude Disco’s Vern, Dirty VegasPaul Harris’ début track featured on the Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 compilation and now it’s set for it’s own single release, with a storming reMix package. Featuring the vocals of our very own Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight, the single comes correct with mixes from Kids At Midnight herself, Ben Macklin and Tobtok, check out the latter two below.

Cassette Club’s Mr. Macklin revels in Jane’s sweet vocal and goes full shimmering nostalgia. Layered with bouncy bass and twinkling keys, Ben’s reMix takes you on a dreamlike journey on the dancefloor, surrounded by punchy synths airy pads that lift the track up to the stars. Pure retro synth Disco bliss. Young Swedish producer Tobtok’s take on the leans more toward the funky side of things. With cheeky Disco licks and Tropical percussion, Tobtok whips up a cosmic beach party groove that’ll have you reaching for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Some prefect soundtracks to your summer right here.

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Catch (Ben Macklin reMix)

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Catch (Tobtok reMix)

Kill Me Softly’s Catch, is released 16th June.

Check out more from Kill Me Softly on SoundCloud.

[Download] Tobtok’s ‘Savanna’



Young Swedish producer Tobtok’s has been cancer free for one year. Which is about as awesome news as you can get. Our lives have been touched by Cancer recently, and frankly, it’s a fucker; so we’re dead pleased for Tobtok. And what better way for the man to celebrate than with a brand new tune. Optimistic Topical vibes ensue.

And it is an optimistic tune. A full-on Island Disco belter without a care in the world. Layer up high with wicked Disco licks, lush synths and breezy guitar, Savanna eases you into it’s groove before hitting you with a big, uplifting horn section. This one brings together the vintage and modern in a track that will carry you away to warmer climates and summery good times. The hint of Toto-esque Africa vibe in the background is just the final sweetener that turns the track into a Disco masterwork.

Tobtok – Savanna

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Cosmic Sand & Starcadian & TobTok

Cosmic Sand

Australian Electro heads Trashbags are bringing, for their latest release, a storming new, and free, EP from Portuguese producer Cosmic Sand. The Route 375 EP is a huge work of driving Electro. Post-Kavinsky with a slightly baroque feel, the three original tunes Route 375, Lost In Nevada and Wreckage of 2085 are powerful synth pieces that meld chainsaw Electro with a cinematic rush.

reMixes come from electronic rumors fave  Starcadian and Swedish Nu-Disco guru TobTok. Starcadian’s take on Lost In Nevada is typically majestic slab of slap-bassed, dirty synth Disco. Combining gritty Disco grooves with soaring cosmic synths, Starcadian takes the track into deep space for some seriously futuristic Boogie. The EP’s title track is handled by TobTok, who brings a smooth, laid back Disco sound to the release. sanding off the rough and ready edges of the original, TobTok’s version is all about late summer nights and mirrorballed dancefloors. this whole EP is pretty essential, especially at that price point, you have no excuse.

Cosmic Sand – Lost In Nevada (Starcadian reMix)

Cosmic Sand – Route 375 (TobTok reMix)

The Route 375 EP is out now and available to download for free right here.

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Lissi Dancefloor Disaster’s ‘Kill The Winner’ video + TobTok reMix

Here’s the video for crazy Swedish ElectroPop cat fanatics Lissi Dancefloor Disaster’s new single ‘Kill The Winner’, a synth rocking, sing-a-long infectious slice of quirk-Pop.

Tim Erem directs this slow-speed chase scene, a scenario wich perfectly fits the tune.

While you’re here check out fellow Swede TobTok’s reMix of the track. TobTok injects the track with a slick Disco edge which replaces the abrasive, almost avant-guarde sounds of the original with some rich, warm synths and a big room Disco vibe.

♫ Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – Kill The Winner (Tobtok reMix)

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster’s Kill The Winner is out now.

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Tobtok may only be 18 but he’s been throwing out some seriously good tracks.

His latest release, the ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ single, is made up of two slightly older tracks released for free on SoundCloud and is pure joy to listen to. Sitting between synthetic Disco and French Touch the lead track is a big builder with a chord progression that is total euphoria. Everything cuts through the mix on this track, from the retro synth stabs to the driving arpeggio. Quality stuff. the flip side, ‘Pressure’ brings a more Nu-Disco vibe to the table. Slick and sexy, the track is peak time beach music.

Tobtok – I’ll Never Forget You

Tobtok – Pressure

Grab the single on Tobtok’s SoundCloud.

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