Baby Monster’s ‘City Of Lovers’

Baby Monster

Baby Monster are back! Long time reader will know just how much we love Baby Monster around here, this l time last year they were previewing tracks from their self-titled début album, exciting times. So it’s pretty cool that the guys have chosen this month again to drop the first of their new material. I must say, thought, that the PR email came with this sentence: “Baby Monster is preparing to release a brand new organically grown collection of tracks by duo Daniel Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu.”, which is a stream of pretentious PR bullshit so heinous that if it wasn’t for our love of these guys music I would have trashed it straight away. Baby Monster need new PR.

Anyway, ‘City Of Lovers’ is the title track from Baby Monster’s new EP, to be released next month. It’s a majestic return to out consciousness. A slinky, bass heavy, Indie-ElectroPop track that shimmers with summery good times. It’s light, airy synths play against the pulsing analog sounding bass to make the track work musically on both your body and mind. Add into the equation a wash of slick Indie vocals with a catchy, infectious as hell chorus that plays around alongside quaint little synth lead lines. If Baby Monster’s previous work is anything to go by this EP should be something special, and unlike the PR suggests, not covered in dirt and horse manure, but pure gold.

Baby Monster – City Of Lovers

Baby Monster’s ‘City Of Lovers’ EP is due for release 5th June.

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