The Good Natured interview


When Sarah McIntosh A.K.A. The Good Natured first came to our attention last year we could tell something special was going on. Not flash-in-the-pan, overhyped, special, but something of substance. The kind of special that grows and lasts.

The young singer/songwriter creates something that appeals, not only to a love of electronic dance music, but also to the intimate and atmospheric. Her introspective and heartfelt presentation on record is complimented with a live show that sees Sarah commanding the stage with eclectic outfits and a passionate performance that is only increasing as her confidence grows. Set apart from her contemporary left-field popsetresses, such as Marina or Ellie, by a uniqueness and individuality that can only come from an honesty in everything she does, The Good Natured sprinkles a hint of darkness over female fronted ElectroPop and makes the genre a more interesting place.

The lead track on her début EP of last year, ‘Your Body Is A Machine’, gets a full single release next month with the backing of the mighty Kitsuné Music .With a beautifully shot video and reMixes that are already setting the blogs on fire it’s sure to be a summer hit. Sarah took some time out of her busy schedule promoting the single to drop a little knowledge on us:

ER: We’ve featured you on our website a few times but although there are many electronic elements to your music, I wouldn’t strictly call you an Electro or ElectroPop artist. How would you *like* your music described and (gun to the head) what genre do you feel most comfortable being associated with?

SM: That’s quite a hard question, I don’t really think about what genre I am, I just consider my music a form of self expression and art. I guess it is electronic pop, but I like to think its got a darker side.

ER: Who, musically, has been an inspiration on you and who inspires you out of your contemporaries?

SM: David Slyvian, Robert Smith, Siouxsie Soux.

ER: You must be exited about the re-release of Your Body Is A Machine on Kitsuné, having one of the world hippest labels champion you must be flattering?

SM: Yes, it is very flattering!

ER: How did you approach the re-recording of the track, was there stuff you weren’t happy with on the EP recording?

SM: It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with the EP recording, it was great, but I felt it could be better, and we have made it sound bigger and more epic, so I am really pleased.

ER: You’ve done quite a bit of solid gigging in the past few months, have you found anywhere you really enjoy playing? (Kudos points for saying Bristol!)

SM: Well Start the Bus in Bristol was really fun actually! There was free cake so that was a mega plus. We all really enjoyed playing the great escape in Brighton, there was a great atmosphere there and it was packed.

ER: Do you prefer songwriting/recording or playing live?

SM: I don’t think you can compare the two. I love them both in different ways, performing is so much fun, but songwriting more emotional, depends what you are in the mood for!

ER: Any crazy rock ‘n’ roll tour stories?

SM: Yes actually! One time we got chucked out of our own gig in Reading because we were too young! Another time in Brighton the soundman bottled the promoter. Nice.

ER: You’ve been known to wear some pretty eye-catching outfits and put on some pretty crazy performances, is that the real Sarah or is The Good Natured a persona?

SM: Its me!

ER: From the backcombed black hair to the atmospheric videos there’s quite a bit of Goth going on ’round your way, are you a secret Goth?

SM: Yes I think so. My skins pale enough isn’t it?

ER: Now for the gear geek question! What’s in Sarah’s studio? Do you have a favourite bit of kit. I’ve heard there is a particular Yamaha keyboard you’re very fond of?

SM: Yes, my beloved Yamaha my Grandma gave me, a few of the keys have stopped working it’s so old but I love it dearly. Apart from that there’s a couple of synths and many fairy lights.

ER: How does the average The Good Natured song take shape, lyrics or music first?

SM: Depends,sometimes words sometimes music! What generally happens is I get a musical idea, then I open my lyric book and chose some words to go over the top!

ER: Cereal or Full English Breakfast? Would your answer change the day after a gig?

SM: Coco-Pops or Crunchy Nut. Deffo a Full English after a gig!

ER: Cheers Sarah!

While you’re waiting for the single release check out the mega talented Baby Monster’s new reMix of ‘Your Body Is A Machine’ which drags Sarah squarely into the middle of the dancefloor!

The Good Natured – Your Body Is A Machine (Baby Monster reMix)

‘Your Body Is A Machine’ is released 21st June on Kitsuné Music

The Good Natured @ Beatport

The Good Natured @ Amazon

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