The Good Natured


Sarah McIntosh A.K.A. The Good Natured is currently making tiny ripples amongst the UK music press having been championed by, amongst others, The NME, The Guardian and PopJustice. Tiny ripples that are sure to grow into ElectroPop waves!

Beats that range from laidback grooves to more dancefloor and Drum & Bass tinged patterns provide the backdrop for cheap synths and Sarah’s heartfelt vocals.

Sounding a lot more raw and exiting than many of her contemporary female singer/songwriters, The Good Natured is a UK female fronted ElectroPop act who are headed for dark, dingy clubs rather than her peer’s glossy retro discos!

The Good Natured – Your Body Is A Machine (zShare) (MediaFire)

You can pick up The Good Natured ‘s ‘Your Body Is A Machine’ EP from either their MySpace or from Rough Trade records.

The Good Natured @ MySpace

The Good Natured @ Rough Trade

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