[Audio] Cosmic Sand’s ‘Find Me’


Cosmic Sand

Portuguese SynthWave producer Cosmic Sand is back with a brand new single. The last we heard from this guy was November last year’s Route 375 EP, now he’s sidled over to Future City Records and bring some huge synth sounds with him. Billed as the Find Me At The Bay Tonight EP, the release is really a single consisting of the lead track Find Me and it’s B-side, 9h00, with reMixes supplied by Vincenzo Salvia, Nightcrawler and Dorian.

Find Me is a rich slice of SynthWave with the kind of multi facetted production and musical narrative that draws you in as each minute passes. Built on involving, syncopated, beat that hovers just one step away from Drum & Bass, and ringing vintage synths, Find Me keeps adding fresh elements to the layers of soundtrack synths. Whether bringing in hints of turntablism, unexpected Funk riffs or adding more to the rich, emotional retro keys, Cosmic Sand delivers an enriching experience. The B-side, 9h00, is more traditional SynthWave fare, resonating Italo hooks and a pulsating digital bassline are the order of the day here, whist not as innovative as Find Me, it certainly delivers the SynthWave goods and plays with some intoxicating lead lines. An excellent release from Cosmic Sand, and one you should check out.

♫ Cosmic Sand – Find Me

♫ Cosmic Sand – 9h00


Cosmic Sand’s Find Me At The Bay Tonight EP is out now.

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Cosmic Sand & Starcadian & TobTok

Cosmic Sand

Australian Electro heads Trashbags are bringing, for their latest release, a storming new, and free, EP from Portuguese producer Cosmic Sand. The Route 375 EP is a huge work of driving Electro. Post-Kavinsky with a slightly baroque feel, the three original tunes Route 375, Lost In Nevada and Wreckage of 2085 are powerful synth pieces that meld chainsaw Electro with a cinematic rush.

reMixes come from electronic rumors fave  Starcadian and Swedish Nu-Disco guru TobTok. Starcadian’s take on Lost In Nevada is typically majestic slab of slap-bassed, dirty synth Disco. Combining gritty Disco grooves with soaring cosmic synths, Starcadian takes the track into deep space for some seriously futuristic Boogie. The EP’s title track is handled by TobTok, who brings a smooth, laid back Disco sound to the release. sanding off the rough and ready edges of the original, TobTok’s version is all about late summer nights and mirrorballed dancefloors. this whole EP is pretty essential, especially at that price point, you have no excuse.

Cosmic Sand – Lost In Nevada (Starcadian reMix)

Cosmic Sand – Route 375 (TobTok reMix)

The Route 375 EP is out now and available to download for free right here.

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