Private’s Everywhere’, with Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine


Danish ElectroPop outfit Private is making a massive bid for worldwide appeal with their new single, Everywhere. Having scored a couple Euro hits a few years back, they are ready to unleash their massive Pop sound on an unsuspecting world.

Everywhere is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, made up of part from here and there all mixed into one big Pop beast. On the whole it’s a summery, slightly Indie-electro sounding hit that’s as catchy as it is slick. It;s an excellent example of contemporary ElectroPop. There is a ‘but’ thought, unfortunately the track is marred by some of the worst rapping we have ever heard. Both lyrically and in terms of flow, the rap, by someone called Genasis is just amateurish. But if you can ignore it, you’ll be rewarded with some summer fun. There’s tons of reMixes, but obviously the most exciting comes from the team up of Italo legend Flemming Dalum and Manchester’s finest Kid Machine who deliver the single package’s clear standout track, A shimmering Italo ElectroPop tune powered by space age arpeggios and haunting melodies. Flemming and Kid Machine bring a little retro cool to the single and make the vocals sound a bit more comfortable with themselves. Also amongst the host of versions of Everywhere are a massive Trance lead lead commercial dance mix from Aylen and JKF from MSTRKRFT’s noisy jump up Electro-House pit-bull-of-a-reMix.

♫ Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine reMix)

♫ Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere

Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (Aylen reMix)

Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (JFK MSTRKRFT reMix)

Private’s Everywhere is out now.

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Kissy Sell Out & Queen Of Hearts ‘You’re Not The One’ reMixes


We are fast approaching the release of UK dance guru Kissy Sell Out and our reining ElectroPop monarch Queen Of HeartsYou’re Not The One single release. Just in time we have a couple of the tracks that make up the reMix package for you, here featuring Danny Westcott & Tom Bull. Elektropusher and Etc!Etc!.

Fist off, they aren’t as good as the original, no where near. The original is a big rave anthem with the ability to give goosebumps, so far, the released reMixes are not. With that out the way though they are pretty good in their own right. If we heard any of these in a club they would get us dancing no problem, especially the Electropusher reMix, which is a stomping, dirty, minimal Electro-House track. Electropusher drops some grinding synths and plays the vocal like an instrument to hypnotic effect. Danny Westcott & Tom Bull takes us back a couple of years to the Fidget heyday with this  warping, yet soulful, take on the track. Etc!Etc!, on the other hand, rocks the track with a jump up beat and a deep Dubby vibe. There are a bunch of other reMixes on the single, but the label powers-that-be obviously don’t think they are good enough to be released in their full form, only 50 second samples have been made available. Which no-one likes. So fuck that. Still, it’s worth your while to investigate this single, the original version is amazing, and the reMixes will mostly get you moving.

Kissy Sell Out (Feat. Queen Of Hearts) – You’re Not The One (Danny Westcott & Tom Bull reMix)

♫ Kissy Sell Out (Feat. Queen Of Hearts) – You’re Not The One (Elektropusher reMix)

♫ Kissy Sell Out (Feat. Queen Of Hearts) – You’re Not The One (Etc!Etc! reMix)

You’re Not The One is released 17th September.

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Icarus!’s ‘Woot’


Every blog I know was bombarded with this track yesterday, it was like social media carpet bombing. But y’know what?, the track is really good. It comes from Colombian producer Icarus! and it’s called Woot (for some reason)

It’s a really well crafted slice of Disco-House, and although track like this are ten-a-penny these days, there is something really compelling about this one. The chord progression hits just the right note for the track, elevating above it’s bog-standard Disco-House contemporaries. The bassline too, and the way it feeds the rest of the track make this a standout production. Occasionally, we are quite pleased we got bothered on all our social media accounts. This is one of those times. Nice one Icarus!

Icarus! – Woot

Check out more from Icarus! on SoundCloud.

WAT & Frederic De Carvalho

WAT & Frederic De Carvalho

So, we’re definitely now allowed to call French ElectroPunkers WAT We Are Terrorists anymore, right? OK Then. That’s all in the past. Anyhoo, WAT have teamed up with fellow French electronic luminary Frederic De Carvalho to drop a brand new single on KIEZ BEATS next month.

KIEZ really are pushing to become the cornerstone of the SynthWave/Outrun scene these days (I think Rosso Corsa might have a thing or two to say about that?), even going so far as to release a record called Out Run. Have WAT & Frederic De Carvalho crafted the ultimate Outrun anthem? Almost. It;s a really good track, a driving Italo bassline runs throughout accompanied by stabbing synth chords. So, it’s called Out Run, it’s even got artwork by The Zonders! It ticks every SynthWave box, but we would say this falls more into the melodic end of the Electro-House arena than proper SynthWave/Outrun. Nonetheless, Out Run is an awesome track. A hypnotic, electronic, odyssey that conveys a uplifting sense of euphoria. It’s one to get lost in.

♫ WAT Vs. Frederic De Carvalho – Out Run

Out Run is released 10th September.

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Surrender! reMixed by Blende


It’s a meeting of La Bombe heavyweights! While your waiting for Turkish producer Surrender!’s self-titled début album (and you probably are after reading out interview with the man here) keep the faith with this reMix from London’s noisiest funkster Blende. You just know this is going to be in -your-face Disco.

And true to form Blende taken on the French at their own game. His reMix of S*M*A*S*H rides high on the combination of digital slap bass, piercing synths and acerbic production. The result is kind of like running Les Rythmes Digitales through a distortion pedal with a touch of Justice (when Justice are being funky, not wanky). It’s a track that would easily be at home of Ed Banger, but La Bombe is probably a much finer place for it to reside. Inducing just as much of a stom as it does a boogie, Blende’s reMix is ripe for peak time dropping, just watch the floor explode!

Surrender! – S*M*A*S*H (Blende reMix)

Surrender!’s self-titled début album is due out in September on La Bombe.

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Queen Of Hearts & Kissy Sell Out’s ‘You’re Not The One’ video

According to San City Records this is the official video for Kissy Sell Out’s Queen Of Hearts featuring You’re Not The One. There’s so much wrong with that.

1. The video is only 2m30s, with is shorter even than the radio rip we posted a while back. 2. Queen Of Hearts isn’t in it, which is a shame as she is infinitely easier on the eye than Mr. Sell Out as well as having an enigmatic video presence. 3. Mr. Sell Out is chatting over most of it, which makes it feel like self-congratulatory ego stroking rather than promoting a new tune, you barely get to hear the new record in the clip.

We hope that San City are a little optimistic when they say ‘official video’, and they pull their fingers out and make something proper, otherwise the words “dropped the ball” might be in order. It’s a really cool tune that deserves better promotion than this mess. The only reason we’re featuring it at all is because we highly recommend the track itself.

Despite the video saying ‘out now’, You’re Not The One is released 3rd September as the first of a series of EPs featuring Kissy collaborating with a host of fresh and established talent.

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Some words from Surrender!


By now Turkish producer Surrender! should be on your Nu-Disco radar. He’s one of those artists that, rather than making a massive splash, has slowly and surely entered our consciousness over the last year to the point where the announcement of his self-titled début album, due out September on La Bombe, was exciting stuff.

And this 23 year-old, despite only a handful of releases to his name, is already earning himself fans in the form of some of electronic music’s top names. Aeroplane, A-Trak, Villa, Treasure Fingers and Digitalism have all become regular spinners of Surrenders! tunes, Digitalism even included his track Travellers on their recent DJ-KICKS album.

His music is instantly familiar, yet uniquely fresh. The obvious elements of French Touch and Electro, Italo and House are all present, but Surrender! pushes them into overdrive, creating something as exciting as chainsaw synthed Electro-House and as Funky as Disco. The forthcoming album promises to be an odyssey through hard hitting, groove laden synth madness.

In the lead up to the album’s release, Surrender! took some time to give us a peek into the world of mad Disco.

ER: So, first up, what prompted the name change from Opptimo to Surrender!? There was a lot of support for Travellers, why the change?

S: What I didn’t knew was that there was another Opptimo with only one ‘p’. Optimo from the UK. And they were also making electronic music. So it was best to change it earlier rather than have problems later. If they were just a rock band I don’t think I would have changed it but hey, I’m really glad I did!

ER: When did you get into making music? How did that happen?

S: I got into making music when I was 18. It wasn’t anything serious at first but as time passed and I learned new things, I started to really love it so I kept going and going. I was always interested in making music.

♫ Surrender! – Volute

ER: What did you listen to growing up, was it electronic and dance music or did you come to that later?

S:When I was about 7 I was in love with Michael Jackson but that changed throughout the years and I started listening to some really hard metal bands. Dimmu Borgir, DEICIDE, Bloodbath etc. But at the same time I always loved the Chemical Brothers and Prodigy. So electronic music was always there with me no matter what. And finally at 15 I just completely fell in love with electronic music.

ER: You’re about to drop your new album in September. Tell us a little about it and what it means to you as a whole body of work?

S: It was really different than just making an EP because EP’s are easy to do for me. I can just use the same formula or same kind of approach with them but an album is a whole another ball game. Just like that Chemical Brothers song: Music:Response. You have to keep the mood alive and think of the album as one rather than just a compilation of tracks because in the end they are like organs of a body. You cannot separate them and expect to have a functioning body. I matured a lot with this album, I actually learned more about music than I did in the last couple of years.

♫ Surrender! (Feat. Jhameel) – Hurry (Lovin’ Is Crazy)

ER: When you sit down to write a track, what is influencing you other than music?

S: Not a lot of things. A good road trip and meeting new people always seems to give me new ideas and thoughts about music though.

ER:So what’s the Surrender!’s studio? Do you have a favourite bit of studio kit? Any favourite synths?

S: I wouldn’t even call where I make my music a studio because the only hardware I have is my M-Audio midi keyboard along with a T.C Electronic sound card. I don’t even have monitors. It’s funny to see people visit my place and ask where all the gear is.

♫ Surrender! – Locate

ER: If money was no object, what piece of studio gear would be your dream to own?

S: Juno 106.

ER: Do you prefer songwriting/studio work or playing live/DJing?

S: I think that they complement each other. It would really hard to do just one and skip the other.

ER: What’s your breakfast preference? Cereal or cooked breakfast? Would your answer change the day after a show?

S: Right now I’m actually working out and eating healthy for a change so my breakfast is a few small tomatoes, a little cheese, 2 egg whites and green tea. And yes, after a show it would change probably Haha.

♫ Surrender! – Fast Days

Surrender!’s self-titled début album is due out in September on La Bombe.

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Young Digerati’s ‘Endless Bummer reMixed’

Young Digerati

Bay Area Indie-ElectroPop outfit Young Digerati’s recent ‘Endless Bummer EP was a skilful mix of jangly Indie and retro ElectroPop. A lot more guitary than their previous output, something that normally has us on the fence, the EP did contain some catchy tunes. Good news then that some of the finest SynthWave reMix talent has come along to give those tunes a good old synth workout. Smooth grooves incoming.

The whole EP, all five tracks, are all pretty superb, ranging from Electro-House, to Italo to Dreamwave, but out picks would be the work contributed by Silenx, 80s Stallone and Sex By Surprise. Silenx wow us one again with his super slick production on his reMix of Peak Performance. Injecting a little more funk into his sound than usual, Joel goes full on Cosmic Disco. Adding the core of the last couple of years of some of the best SynthWave around, he adds some funky slap bass and Moog-esque stabs, to a truly galactic Funk experience. Also taking on Peak Performance, 80s Stallone hits the ground running with his 80’s sound, immediately Italo, from the arpeggiated bassline to the EuroPop riff, before raising the track up with some big retro chords. The vocal is used sparsely in 80’s Stallone’s take, but Chris Stallone’s melodies more than make up for it. The EP rounds off with SxS’s robotic Electro take on Young Digetati’s biggest tune to date, The Dauphin. Normally associated with a laid back beach party vibe, SxS turn the track into an Electro-House anthem, packed with nervous energy and bright, intertwining, synth lines. Did we mention the EP is free, that’s five top quality tunes for no money whatsoever. Bargain!

Young Digerati – Peak Performance (Silenx reMix)

Young Digerati – Peak Performance (80s Stallone reMix)

Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Sex By Surprise reMix)

You can pick up Young Digerati’s Endless Bummer reMixed Ep for free here.

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Like Vipers

Like Vipers

Like Vipers is new new UK Electro-House producer who is just about to release his début EP. With a sound the bridges the gap between the Electro-House end of Nu-Disco and SynthWave his new EP, titled Dangerous, released next month on Bonerizing is four tracks of power Outrun.

It’ll be hard to write about the Dangerous EP without mentioning Kavinsky and Danger, particularly Danger, so we’ll just get that out the way now, because we are talking in the same ballpark, there’s e a bit of Mille in there too. But whilst Like Vipers shares a lot in common with his contemporaries, he also manages to craft out a sound of his own. Dramatic, cinematic and full of bombast Like Vipers’ tune are a relentless action set-peice. After the ominous opening of Cold Steel comes Accelerator, a hard hitting night-drive Electro extravaganza who’s centrepiece is a stratospheric solo. For a track with power drums and chainsaw synths, the tune has some hauntingly beautiful moments. Pulseheart continues the EPs quest to soundtrack your high-speed chases, if you’re the kind of person who has high-speed chases, while Dangerous brings a little Italo groove into all this pedal-to-the-metal Electro power. the whole EP is a juggernaut of SynthWave. An emotional, exciting, noisy, chaotic, soaring experiance that leaves Like vipers a name to watch.

♫ Like Vipers – Accelerator (Original Mix)

♫ Like Vipers – Pulseheart (Original Mix)

♫ Like Vipers – Dangerous (Original Mix)

Like Viper’s Dangerous EP is out 3rd August.

Check out more from Like Vipers on SoundCloud.

Digitalism’s ‘Falling’ video

Digitalism’s Falling, from their recent excellent DJ-KICKS album, has got all videofied.

One of six new tracks in the album, Falling, is quite a gritty track and comes with a suitably gritty, vintage looking clip.

Digitalism’s DJ-KICKS album is out now on Studio !K7.

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