Hemingway reMixes Gossip Culture

Gossip Culture

We featured the original version and a reMix from French SynthWave rocker Tommy, of American ElectroPop producer Gossip Culture ‘s new single, Just Fine With You, a couple of months ago. Now it;s looking like the track is getting it’s proper release soon it seems time to look at the remaining reMix on the single, from the excellent Toronto eclectic Disco producer Hemingway.

Hemingway whips up something a little different for this track. Driven by harsh drum machine beast that are very reminiscent on early Warp Records output. Those raw, shuffling House beats provide a unique backing for Hemmingway’s waves of lush synths. Ryan Sheridan’s hazy Chillwave vocal sits nicely with the reMixes cosmic synths and ‘90’s House touches. It’s a reMix that probably shouldn’t work on paper, with all these conflicting elements, but Hemingway makes everything come together in harmony, and makes it seem effortless.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Hemingway reMix)

Just Fine With Youis out this summer.

Buy Gossip Culture’s music from:

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