Le Roi Crocodile

Le Roi Crocodile

Le Roi Crocodile is Vancouver based musician who is making some really interesting spacey Electro-IndiePop. Amazingly, this guy is just 16 years old, which is totally overshadowed by the maturity in his music.

His latest track is Youth Decay, which is a combination dreamlike Chillwave soundscape and summery Indie hit. With an endearing BedroomPop vibe, this young producer conjures up a reverb-washed laid back groove and an infectious hook. Waves of warm synths spill over Youth Decay, spacing themselves out to make room for the punchy lead riff and the half-sung/half-rapped vocals. This is only his second production but already he has the Lo-Fi Chill thing down pat, Le Roi Crocodile is definitely a name to keep an eye on in the future.

Le Roi Crocodile – Youth Decay

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