[Audio] Viceroy & Ghost Beach


These guys have traded reMixes in the past, but now San Francisco’s funkiest export Viceroy and New York Disco Pop outfit Ghost Beach have teamed up on a new original tune that really does proove that Viceroy is correct, it’s “summertime, all the time”.

Even if it is deep in November, this tune will knock the chilly cobwebs out of your skull and get you moving like you’re at a pool party. Boasting layers and layers of funky synths, raging from a pumping digital bass to some rich, stabbing, chords, that all provides the grooviest of backings for Ghost Beach to belt out some summer anthem style vocals. Bringing back the sun! The track is available to buy very soon, we can;t wait to see who’s in the reMix line-up.

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Ghost Beach) – While We’re in Love

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Viceroy reMixes Brett


Brett is a new outfit who have hooked up with DubFrequency to release their début  double A-side single, Confidence/Kate Moss, this month. The Washington DC band has enlisted the skills of San Francesco’s finest Viceroy to give the track a Disco workout, and that’s not all Viceroy has been up to these days.

Confidence is a summery, live sounding, Pop tune with a Tropical Disco overtone, Viceroy takes that beach Disco vibe and runs with it, layering some driving synth arpeggios and smooth keys and just flow along with Brett’s slick vocal. Bringing in a little House piano in the chorus lifts the track up in sections as Viceroy brings out the real fun in this tune and makes it a soundtrack for good times.

♫ Brett – Confidence (Viceroy reMix)

♫ Brett – Confidence

While we’re on the subject of Viceroy, check out this reMix he cooked up for Australian vintage Disco-meister DCup. Viceroy’s take on DCup’s new single, I’m Corrupt is a great, summery Disco tune that gives Viceroy a wealth of instrumentation to play with, And he does with style. Enjoy, just try not to look out the window.

DCup – I’m Corrupt (Viceroy reMix)

Brett’s Confidence/Kate Moss single is released 30th October

Check out more from Brett on SoundCloud.

The Penelopes’ ‘Summer Life’ video & Viceroy reMix

Last week London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes dropped their latest single , the awesomely onomatopoeic ‘Summer Life’, now there is a video too, check it out.

Directed by Mattias Erik Johansson, you don’t get much more summery than hanging out in the desert and shining the sun in people eyes, but c’mon guys, far too hot for all that fire.

While you’re hear check out our San Francisco’s finest Nu-Disco export Viceroy’s reMix of the track. Joining Gigamesh and Style of Eye, Viceroy does his best to add a little US beach party Disco to the Euro summer jam, and succeeds in fine form, creating a bouncy cocktail of a track.

♫ The Penelopes – Summer Life (Viceroy reMix)

‘Summer Life’ is out soon and is the second single taken from The Penelopes’ forthcoming album, ‘Never Live Another Yesterday’.

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Viceroy reMix St. Lucia

St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s  ‘Closer Than This’ has it’s fair share of reMixes to it’s name but this reMix from San Francisco’s Nu-Disco pusher Viceroy has two things going for it (other than sounding awesome). First, it’s official, second it’s free. Official and free you say? Why yes!

‘Closer Than This’ was the lead track on St. Lucia’s recently released self-titled EP on Neon Gold which I believe is getting re-released with reMixes soon. Viceroy’s take on the track is totally reMix package material, changing up the vibe into a slightly Tropical Disco groove. When you have horns and steel drums together you know the party is being taken to the beach.  There’s even what sounds like Seagulls at the end! If this is what being stuck on a desert island sounds like, count me in! Viceroy generally has nailed every one of his productions to date and I’m expecting to hear a lot more from him this summer, at a lot of parties.

♫ St. Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy reMix)

Like Viceroy on Facebook to download their reMix for free. St. Lucia’s self-titled EP is out now.

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Viceroy reMixes Yelle


Here is San Francisco based Nu-Disco producer Viceroy’s entry in Yelle’s ‘Comme Un Enfant’ reMix competition.

The winner will have their track appear on a forthcoming Yelle release, and Viceroy definitely show himself to be a front runner. Taking in a laidback piano groove, he seems to rein in the song, chilling it out. Not even the growling bass riff can stop this tune from being super smooth.

♫ Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Viceroy reMix)

‘Comme Un Enfant’ is taken from the ‘Safari Disco Club’ album, out now.

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Viceroy’s new EP


Why Viceroy, with these free releases you’re spoiling us…

Another quality EP from the San Francisco Disco guru, four tracks and a bonus Rihanna reMix, that may or may not have disappeared) show a logical progression to Viceroy’s sound and skills. The lead track is a fidgety Disco track. Normally I’m not overly keen on the ‘scrolling through presents’ strand if Nu-Disco, but here the chopped-up groove is handled masterfully by Viceroy, who makes the whole track work perfectly, rather then end up the mess that so many others who try the sound end up with. Elsewhere the EP gets funkier with the likes of ‘Mirage’, which is pure beach party vibes.

Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

Viceroy – Mirage (Original Mix)

You can pick up the whole EP on SoundCloud.

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Shiny Disco Club’s Millennium Disco Vol 2!

artworks-000012385091-rt2idr-original (1)

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this for a while around these parts! Shiny Disco Club’s first ‘Millennium Disco’ compilation stayed on our playlist for months, it was crammed full of some of the best Nu-Disco around, but now, with volume 2, they really have outdone themselves.

It would be insane for me to go through all 24 tracks with you, suffice to say some of the hottest producers in Nu-Disco and Dreamwave have contributed works and the whole album is like the best summer beach party you’ve ever been to. The utmost respect has to be given to Shiny Disco Club for getting this lot together.

Did I mention it was absolutely free?

I’ll leave you to check out some of the sounds contained with in the compilation featuring the likes of Vanguard, ODahl, Mjolnir, Louis La Roché, Galactik Knights, Quinten 909, Viceroy, OH MY!

Vanguard – LeJeune

ODahl – Beautiful Love

Mjolnir – Yeah It’s You

Louis La Roché – Fake Tan

Galactik Knights – Escape

Quinten 909 – Magic

Viceroy – Unwind

Pick up the whole 23 track compilation in full quality right here.

Check out more from the Shiny Disco Club label on their SoundCloud.

Together reMixed by Viceroy


Ahhh, Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon. Honestly, where would we be now without them? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

In 2002 as Together, the duo had some success with ‘So Much Love To Give’ (which would be completely ripped off three years later) and now the track has been brought right up to date by Viceroy. A due who is knocking out awesome production after awesome production at an astounding rate these days. Viceroy adds just the right amount of Nu-Disco groove to the tune whilst still being respectful of a classic. Nice percussion and piano adds a little Balearic feels to the tune making perfect for long summer nights.

Together – So Much Love To Give (Viceroy reMix)

Putting Together purchase links at the bottom of this post might be a little optimistic. Try eBay?

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Video for Viceroy’s ‘Summer Daze’

We’ve already featured Viceroy’s current single ‘Sunny Daze’, and now you can check out the beach clip video for it.

Vitalic Noise have edited up a summer holiday compilation that suits the song perfectly.

‘Sunny daze’ is out now on Shiny Disco Club.

Buy Viceroy’s music from:

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Viceroy reMixes Breakbot

Breakbot and Ruckazoid’s ‘Fantasy’ is tearing it up right now, bringing it’s sweet Disco to the masses.

Enter Viceroy, to give it a cut-up disco workout. Viceroy has been dropping some choice tunes of late and this reMix continues his tradition of soulful summer grooves and the prefect start to yuo weekend. Get down!

Breakbot (Feat. Rukazoid) – Fantasy (Viceroy’s Summer Mix)

‘Fantasy’ is out late June on Ed Banger/Because Music with further reMixes from Arthur Baker and and Ruckazoid.

Buy Breakbot’s music from:

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