Charleston are a London based three-peice who are drawing in a range of eclectic influences for their moody début single, released next month.

If ‘Peice By Peice’ is an introduction to Charleston’s sound, then they will definitely be a group to keep an ear on in the coming year. Initial comparisons, both musically and vocally, would be to Portishead, but there is something more contemporary going on here too. ‘Peice By Peice’ is a deep, soulful tune that has it’s roots in Trip-Hop but displays a more experimental attitude, even including elements of Dubstep and ChipTune in the mix to create something that, despite it’s low groove, is pretty majestic sounding. The smokey, sultry vocals don’t hurt either.

♫ Charleston – Piece By Piece

‘Piece By Piece’ is released 6th February via Good Bait.

Check out more from Charleston on SoundCloud.

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