[Download] Back Back Forward Punch’s ‘No Answer’



Australian production duo Back Back Forward Punch have dropped a brand new tune, No Answer, ahead of the release of the release of their début EP later this month. They are giving away the tune, for the sweet price of free, until the EP’s properly drops. We’ve features a handful of BBFP’s tunes and reMixes here on ER so we’re quite looking forward to this EP dropping. Summery Pop House goodness all the way.

From moment one, No Answer hits you with a gloriously Tropical hook and you just know things are gonna’ get groovier from here on in. It’s absolutely carefree and deftly plays between a cheeky Pop song, delivered by Laura Boland’s warm vocal, and a sunshine festival burner. This is how you do Pop House these days; there’s even a twisting progressive breakdown!

Back Back Forward Punch – No Answer

Back Back Forward Punch’s No Answer EP is released soon.

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[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Back Back Forward Punch’s ‘Solid Gold’



Australian ElectroPop duo Back Back Forward Punch continue in their quest to have everyone cool on the planet reMix them. Having already tussled with the likes of MiGHty mOUse, Dublin Aunts and The Penelopes, the Aussies then set their sights on Canadian House wizard Pat Lok for reMix duties on their latest single. The track’s called Solid Gold, and any new Pat Lok reMix is a cause for a party. So, yeah, let’s party.

But what do we have here? This isn’t a Lok-ian House tune riding a 4/4 kick. What we’ve got here is a board mix of 90s dance and Bristol beat (and yes, being from Bristol, this makes me very happy). In fact, this might be my favourite Pat Lok track to date, or maybe it’s just that the sun is shining and here’s a lazy vibe going on that the track’s slick mix of laid back 90s Hop Hop beats and warm Chicago keys feeds into. Either way the warm bass is filling my head and the shuffling hats are shaking my shoulders and I’m loving it. Enjoy.

Back Back Forward Punch – Solid Gold (Pat Lok reMix)

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[Download] Back Back Forward Punch’s ‘Emergency Bow Tie’ (+ MiGHty mOUse reMix)


Back Back Forward Punch

Australian ElectroPop duo Back Back Forward Punch are about ready for the big time. They’ve been generating a buzz for a few months now and their new single will only gain them more positive attention. Emergency Bow Tie, is their latest release, their third this year, and come equipped with a host of amazing reMixes including one from London’s Cosmic Disco king, MiGHty mOUse.

Emergency Bow Tie is a sumptuous four minutes of vocoder heavy Pop. As soon as it’s rubbery bassline blesses and VL-Tone purcussion hits your speakers it’s a fun ride. Delivering robo vox in the verses and a rousing female sung chorus, set against a sea of synth music that’s just retro enough to be hip, and just modern enough to sound slick, Emergency Bow Tie washes you with it’s warming electronic mood and it’s sense of wit. It’s top quality futuristic Pop that becomes a slinky grooved Disco beat in MiGHty mOUse’s safe hands. Mixing up some of his trademark galactic sounds with a heavy, heavy, dancefloor groove, the mOUse teases every ounce of Funk out of the track and turns in a robust crate secret weapon. The single, which is a free download, also boasts mixes from Pigeon, and Sun City. It’s definitely worth your attention.

Back Back Forward Punch – Emergency Bow Tie

Back Back Forward Punch – Emergency Bow Tie (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

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[MP3] The Penelopes reMix Back Back Forward Punch


Back Back Forward Punch

London based French duo The Penelopes are fast becoming one of the more prolific acts in ElectroPop. You’d have thought after the release of their Never Live Another Yesterday album last summer they would have taken a break, but no. With a constant schedule of touring, monthly mixtapes and a stream of top quality reMixes these guys have just kept the pressure up. Check out their latest offering, it;s a reMix fro Australian DiscoPop duo Back Back Forward Punch, an act we’ve been hearing some good things from in the past few months, and their new single Don’t Stop Now.

The Penelopes bring a bright and airy Disco groove to the track. Something that is both body moving and a heady castle-in-the-air of a track, utilising severely punchy bass and hazy synths to create a dancefloor dreamscape to loose yourself in. But the starlight synths and the half heard swirling sax belie what is a pretty hard hitting floorfiller. The Penelopes have delivered a multi-layered crate essential.

Back Back Forward Punch – Don’t Stop Now (The Penelopes reMix)

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