[MP3] Featurecast reMixed by All Good Funk Alliance


We gotta’ be honest, we know too much about Southampton producer Featurecast, save for he’s just about to release the second volume of reMixes from he recent Run For Cover album. However, this reMix of his track, Soul Children featuring Greg Blackman, by All Good Funk Alliance landed in our inbox and has got us addicted. We checked out Featurecast’s album prior to writing this post and were dead impressed with his gritty, ecclectic, synth Funk.

All Good Funk Alliance drop a fresh new take on the original, loaded with broken Funk beats and a rock solid subby bassline. It’s just got one of those grooves that gets under your skin, and stays there. Greg Blackman’s vocals flow over the top of the jittery-smooth beats with ease, tempering the rugged slap bass, warping synth, Funk monster. This’ll be the pleasant surprise of the day.

Featurecast (Feat. Greg Blackman) – Soul Children (All Good Funk Alliance reMix)

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[MP3] Earl Grey reMixes Kido Yoji

Kido Yoji

Toady seems full of old track that are just seeing the light of day, and sound amazingly fresh despite their age. Check out this reMix from Danny Ashenden, better know as one half of The C90s, in his Earl Grey guise. It’s of Kido Yoji’s  Won’t You Come Again? that, for one reason or another, didn’t make the single. It’s two years old (Kido’s not even realising solo track any more), but it sounds as fresh as anything you’ll hear this year.

Maybe the future Funk was just too futuristic for Yoji’s label? Who knows? What we do know, though, is this tune lays on the laid back synth Fun, thick. The Tokyo producer’s beloved talkbox vocals fit like a glove with Earl Grey’s blissful beats. Like a sunset on a alien shore, this reMix nicely combines a chilled beach groove with a touch of Cosmic Disco. If you like your synth sound spacey, and your Disco relaxed, then this is the tune for you.

Kido Yoji – Won’t You Come Again? (Earl Grey Golden Juno reMix)

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