[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Far Gone’



Far Gone is Torontonian Nu-Disco producer Hemingway’s follow up to his amazing Ace Neptune single of earlier this year. Once again supplied by Brilliantine, Far Gone sees James Harris sliding into slightly Housier, more intricate territory without loosing any of his warm Funk.

Loaded with Dramatic vintage synth stabs and warbles, Far Gone treads unusual ground with an almost Techno complexity to it’s rhythms set amongst inspirational Cosmic Disco soundscapes. The rhythm’s shuffle and the deep vocal snatches lend the track a Chicago groove, making the track a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of dancefloor vibes. It’s all wrapped up in a relaxed Disco blanket, perfect for lazy summer evenings.

♫ Hemingway – Far Gone

Hemingway’s Far Gone is out now. You can pick it up for 45¢ (that’s about 29p in real money) from here.

Buy Hemingway’s music from:

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