[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Lost Tribe’



Torontonian Disco experimentalist Hemingway always serves up something interesting with every tune he releases, which means we pay attention whenever a new track appears. This one right here comes from  the Stratford Ct. 1yr Anniversary Compilation, which is apparently a compilation to mark the one year anniversary of another compilation. It’s worth checking out if just for Lost Tribe, Hemingway’s latest compelling offering.

Hemingway offers up some seriously intoxicating Disco sounds on this one. Intricately crafted, Lost Tribe takes distant elements and melds them into an amazingly funky whole, all held in place by a hi-hat heavy rhythm and a warbling bass. Haunting sound drop in and out of the mix and lilting, emotional melodies drift around the track, making it something wildly more cerebral than it’s contemporaries, but all the time keeping the dancefloor vibes strong.

♫ Hemingway – Lost Tribe

The Stratford Ct. 1yr Anniversary Compilation is out now, get it here.

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Chew’



Torontonians sure do like their Disco ecclectic and experimental. One of the city’s biggest proponents of funky wizardry is Hemingway, who has just released the track Chew as part of the compilation album Amicus Curiae 2014. I hope you’ve got your intelligent listening hat on, ‘cos this one goes a bit freestyle.

Pairing popping Sci-Fi synths, with jazzy muted trumpet and a shuffling rhythm, Hemingway mixes up resounding Synth Funk with smokey Jazz to retro future effect. Utilising an infectious slo-mo Disco groove to draw you in, Hemmingway slip in an out of backroom freeform and Cosmic madness with relative ease, creating a mood of unexpected delights. The sound pallet alone bears repeated listening.

♫ Hemingway – Chew

Hemingway’s Chew appears on the Amicus Curiae 2014 compilation, out now.

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[Audio] Hemingway reMixes Man Without Country’s ‘Catfish’


Man Without Country

Torontonian Cosmic Disco master Hemingway is back with a brand new reMix. Welsh experimentalists Man Without Country are his latest target as he morphs their hazy slice of Indie-DreamPop, Catfish, into a space funk oddessy, loaded with that thick, thick synth bass we’ve come to love from this guy.

With a nice vintage brush, Hemingway paints an epic masterpiece of twisting leads, starlight keys and that in-your-face bass. Sounds swirly around your head as melodies intertwine and curl sound each other. the whole hazy, Sci-Fi Funk works perfectly with the original tunes vocals, making them sound like some distant message from the starts. Hemingway really is one of the best in the business right now.

♫ Man Without Country – Catfish (Hemingway Mix)

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Far Gone’



Far Gone is Torontonian Nu-Disco producer Hemingway’s follow up to his amazing Ace Neptune single of earlier this year. Once again supplied by Brilliantine, Far Gone sees James Harris sliding into slightly Housier, more intricate territory without loosing any of his warm Funk.

Loaded with Dramatic vintage synth stabs and warbles, Far Gone treads unusual ground with an almost Techno complexity to it’s rhythms set amongst inspirational Cosmic Disco soundscapes. The rhythm’s shuffle and the deep vocal snatches lend the track a Chicago groove, making the track a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of dancefloor vibes. It’s all wrapped up in a relaxed Disco blanket, perfect for lazy summer evenings.

♫ Hemingway – Far Gone

Hemingway’s Far Gone is out now. You can pick it up for 45¢ (that’s about 29p in real money) from here.

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[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Ace Neptune’



In Nu-Disco circles the début release from Toronto’s Hemingway could be considered quite long awaited. The guy’s built up quite a reputation for himself over the past year or so with a string of excellent reMixes. Now his première release is out, via Brilliantine, and having had it on rotation round electronic rumors HQ for the past couple of weeks we can definitely say it’s lived up to it’s promise.

Ace Neptune is the name of Hemingway’s single, and it’s a veritable Smörgåsbord of dreamy synthesizer Funk. There’s something interestingly proggy about Ace Neptune, there’s a definitely Cosmic vibe to it and you can imagine Hemingway surrounded by tiers of analog snyths, eyes tightly shut, generally having a synth freak out. The track takes elements from Nu-Disco, Dreamwave, SynthWave and Italo and constructs an epic built upon layer and layers of intertwining melodies and warping Galactic Funk basslines. Deceptively complex, this is a true synth Disco fan’s track. reMixes come correct from Jokers Of The Scene and this gem from Cyclist, who ups the Funk quota and leads the track from the space-station to an under-lit dancefloor to boogie the night away. Frantic Disco licks and slinky synths are the order of the day in this mix. Ace Neptune is a confident and impressive début, and one that should have Hemingway’s name on people lips.

♫ Hemingway – Ace Neptune

♫ Hemingway – Ace Neptune (Cyclist reMix)

Hemingway’s Ace Neptune is out now.

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