[Audio] Lo-Fi Beats’ début EP


Lo-Fi Beats

Yeah, Like This is the début release from Southend Producer Lo-Fi Beats. The man’s completely new to us, but based on the strength of this forthcoming EP he’s a name we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future. Also, bit of trivia, he won Mixmag’s ‘play a set at Creamfields’ competition a few years back, so we’re guessing he is as handy with a pair of decks as he is with gnarly synth. Lo-FI Beats drops the Yeah, Like This EP at the end of this month on his own label, Deaf By Records.

The EP’s title track is a blissful LA Funk jam that we can only imagine Southend must have been getting some particularly fine weather whiles Lo-Fi Beats was recording. Smooth beats, deep warping basslines and twisting Moogy lead lines are the order of the day here. Drop in a little Hip Hop influence and some big synths and you’ve got the perfect, laid back, sunshine tune. Stick this on and melt. Yeah, Like this is backed up with the driving SynthWave of Crank’d Up and Winter Warmer, a track with show off Lo-Fi Beats ability to create electronic moods. Bringing a nostalgic, gentle, vibe to the EP, Winter Warmer wraps you up in a blanket of rounded synths and rich tones. Definitely an impressive première release from Lo-Fi Beats.

♫ Lo-Fi Beats – Yeah, Like This

♫ Lo-Fi Beats – Winter Warmer

Lo-Fi Beats’ Yeah, Like This is released 29th April.

Check out more from Lo-Fi Beats on SoundCloud.