[Audio] Estate reMix Gossip Culture’s ‘Waiting’


Gossip Culture

In the mood for a little sunkissed Synth Funk? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is groove-merchants Estate’s reMix of Ryan Sheridan A.K.A. Gossip Culture’s Waiting. Waiting is Gossip Culture’s latest single and features the smooth vocals of Quincy McCrary, which Estate utilise to full effect.

The original of the tune is a uplifting Indie/Disco hybrid that was a little too guitar drenched for out tastes, but this mix shrugs off the six strings in favour of luscious, thick, electronic bass and twisting synth sparkles. Although they are still present, the wicked licks are consigned to be extras, taking a back seat to retro Electro groove and McCrary soulful vocals. Pure sunshine in a tune, this is one infectious slice of daytime Disco that’ll have you bobbing down the street.

♫ Gossip Culture (Feat. Quincy McCrary) – Waiting (Estate reMix)

Gossip Culture’s Waiting is out now.

Buy Gossip Culture’s music from:


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