RAC reMix Depeche Mode


OK, so,  Depeche Mode reMixes, particularly reMixes of ‘Enjoy The Silence’ are usually a sore point for us. ‘Silence’, as well as being one of the greatest songs ever written, is also one of the most reMixed and covered, and 99.9999% of the are shit. There’s barely a handful of reMixes of the track that are any good and only two covers that I can recall. So it’s actually high praise indeed when I say RAC’s rework of the tune doesn’t make me want to be violently ill.

RAC’s version has got a nice Disco groove going on. I’m not overly convinced by the horns but they do grow on you. With the synth bass and live feel to the drums they are on to a winner though. Is it better than the original? No, of course it isn’t. But it’s better than most reMixes out there.

♫ Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (RAC Mix)

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