Chromeo Remixed by RAC


The RAC has quite a history behind it, which is why it seems odd that they are only now getting round to releasing a proper retrospective compilation, but that’s the facts. Chapter One is released 6th November and features this reMix by RAC’s André Allen Anjos of Chromeo’s classic Bonafied Lovin’.

Bonafied Lovin’ is one of our favourite Chrome tracks, so it’s with a critical ear that we hit play on this one. RAC do a fair enough job with the track. It’s a pretty standard synthy Disco reMix, but a thoroughly accomplished one. With a subtly Topical flavour and  layers of warm synths RAC have done the track justice. It’s not going to wow anyone, but it’s perfect for lazy summer nights.

Chromeo – Bonafied’ Lovin (RAC Mix)

RAC’s Chapter One album is released 6th November.

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