The Sweeps’ ‘Optimistic Melancholic’

The Sweeps

Emerald & Doreen are fast becoming the name to keep an eye of for retro ElectroPop and classic sounding Italo tracks. The newest addition to their catalogue is the new single from German Italo purists The Sweeps. Optimistic Melancholic comes crammed with reMixes from some of the hottest names, past and present and a Sci-Fi groove for every occasion.

Optimistic Melancholic is a brooding ElectroPop track, pitch perfect for a circa 1984 sound, that balances mysterious,  a vintage Disco beat and bassline, and duelling male and female vocals. A galactic Italo track, full of futuristic promise and nostalgic grooves, Optimistic Melancholic is retro Pop at it’s finest. The EP’s line-up of reMix talent is just as impressive. Italo godfather Flemming Dalum delivers a pacey, arpeggiator loaded mix that morphs the tune into a Moroder-dancefloor gem that guaranteed to hold the interest of all who hear it. It keeps the mood of the song, whilst raising the energy levels, making it ripe for any DJ set. Russian SynthWave up-and-comers Hot Hot Hawk take the track to deep, pulsating, retro soundtrack territory. Juggernaut basslines on rapid fire are tempered with shimmering synths and the original’s gentle vocal to create an exciting electronic opus. Elsewhere on the single you’ll fine work from  Go Nogo and Thomas Barrandon, Optimistic Melancholic as a whole is a quality electronic release, and goes to proove why emerald & Doreen are really delivering something exciting for fans of synthesizer music.

♫ The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Original 12 Inch Extended Version)

♫ The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Flemming Dalum reMix)

♫ The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Hot Hot Hawk reMix)

The Sweeps’ Optimistic Melancholic is out now.

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