Lifelike & Popular Computer


Hold tight for some seriously French French Touch and one of the scenes pioneers Lifelike teams up with one of our favourite producers Popular Computer to drop a massive slab of dancefloor goodness. Like an invasion of French funky robots the just released new track, ‘Getting High’ hot you with a militaristic groove tempered with smooth synths.

The relentless marching of the staccato bassline and vocoded chants is like in irresistible call to dance. A mantra of synths and robots that wraps you up in it’s hypnotic groove. ON top of this you can head Popular Computer’s input in the bright, complex melodies, like a musical machine with a hundred moving parts. It’s actually really interesting to hear the meeting of these two producers distinct styles, a meeting that works really well, Lifelike knows his groove and riffs like no-other, and PC can layer thick retro synths and intricate lead lines. A good mix, check it out:

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High

Buy Lifelike’s music from:

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