Pelifics, Miss Plug In & JD Samson


With the release of the second part of Sweedish synthmeister Pelifics two part ‘Lifetime’ EP series imminent Brilliantine are giving us out first listen to the second track off the EP. The first part featured the awesome Electric Youth and Human Life, and we’ve already been treated to the second part’s lead track, featuring AXXE, now it’s time for German Italo darling Miss Plug Inn and Le Tigre’s JD Samson to jump on board for some Smooth Euro DiscoPop and party Disco.

‘The Beach Tonight’ is a laid back combination of Italo and Beach Disco. With that slight streak of melancholy found in the best Italo and some spacy synths Pelifics conjures up a nice Mediterranean sunset track. Deep and warm digital bass and floaty arpeggios create a familiar, comfortable sound that draws you in and envelopes you. Miss Plug Inn’s Germanic vocal adds that touch of Euro class. ‘Spray-Painted Knuckles’ on the other hand is a rowdy, jump-up, Disco, the combination of Pelifics frictionless Disco and Samson’s rough and ready vocals make for a track that has groove, but balls too (girl-balls that is).

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Miss Plug Inn) – The Beach Tonight

♫ Pelifics (Feat. JD Samson) – Spray-Painted Knuckles

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in later in April on Brilliantine.

Buy Pelifics’ music from:

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