Punks Jump Up & Chromeo’s Dave 1 with Oliver & Mickey

Punks Jump Up

The new Punks Jump Up single, ‘Mr. Overtime’, as I’m sure you’ll have heard by now, is a blinding slice of DiscoPop featuring the dulcet tones of none other than Chromeo’s Dave 1, doing a little overtime himself we see. I think we can pretty much all agree that Chromeo are probably the best band in the world working today, and if you don’t agree see them live and come back to me. Whilst Dave lending his production chops isn’t that rare, hearing his voice on a non-Chromeo record is something particularly interesting.

So, can ‘Mr. Overtime’ live up to the be the sum of it’s parts. Why yes, yes it can! Slick and Funktastic with a slightly dark edge to it, the track comes with a package featuring some of the best reMix talent around. Alongside Gigamesh we get the almighty double Oliver combo of Oliver who layer on thick vocoding and the kind of sliding synth bass that you can get totally lost ing. Oliver’s awesome mix of LA Dreamwave with a French Touch flavour is simply perfect for this tune. It still sounds slightly edgy, but the squelchy Electro Funk riffs are going to slay whatever dancefloor it drops on. A man like Mickey is up next, bringing with him the essence of late ‘80’s discotheques. With a retro good-times bassline that seems to compliment Dave 1’s vocals Mickey starts to bring in a Tropical flavour, but with a twist. This is’80’s Tropical grooves. All the palm trees are inflatable here! A stunning, and highly recommended single that we’re going to be hearing a lot from this summer.

♫ Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1) – Mr. Overtime (Oliver reMix)

♫ Punks Jump Up (Feat. Dave 1) – Mr. Overtime (Mickey reMix)

‘Mr. Overtime’ is released 30th April on Moda.

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