Radio INK + Muffin + Rogue Vogue

Radio Ink

When Australian ElectroPoppers Radio INK returned to our consciousnesses in February with their  with their ‘Who We Are Tonight’ single we welcomed them back with open arms. A massive comeback single for a band who get massive ElectroPop just right. Uplifting sing-a-long brilliance. Now they are doubling the excitement by dropping a reMix package and bringing some awesome talent with them.

Fellow Aussie Muffin is no stranger to reMixing Radio INK, but he released so rarely that we eagerly consume anything he puts out. The man is a Dreamwave genius who, with his version of the track, effortlessly merges the rich ElectroPop of Radio INK with with his own retro powerhouse. Perhaps more Poppy than Muffin productions we are used to, but this is no bad thing. Muffin brings an almost The Sound Of Arrows quality to the track in it’s pure euphoria, and when the solo kicks in, it’s enough to make a grown man weep with joy. Rogue Vogue take a deeper road with the track. First heard on The Magicians last Magic Tape, Rogue Vogue’s reMix is deep early ‘90’s House. The Sound of Chicago completely changes the cut-up vocals into a smooth jackin’ monster.

Radio INK – Who We Are Tonight (Muffin reMix)

Radio INK – Who We Are Tonight (Rogue Vogue reMix)

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