[Video] Glass Candy’s ‘The Possessed’

We posted Glass Candy’s new tune, The Possessed, a few days ago, being another tease of what to expect from Italians Do It Better’s forthcoming After Dark 2 compilation. Now here’s the video.

Directed, once again, by Alberto Rossini, features more footage in grainy video style. His old 8mm style works so well with Glass Candy’s music.

After Dark 2 will be out soon, with tracks from Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, Appaloosa, Symmetry, and Chromatics.

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[MP3] Glass Candy’s ‘The Possessed’


Here we have another little taste of what come come with Italians Do It Better’s forthcoming, and long awaited, After Dark 2 compilation. This look behind the curtain comes in the form of Glass Candy’s absolutely epic, seven minute, Extended Runway Edit of The Possessed. No doubt an extended runway edit because it soundtracked some high-concept fashion show in recent months, as is Glass Candy tracks wont.

A beautiful, minimal seven minutes of synthetics. The Possessed pairs a stripped down Italo bassline with a slower tempo to a creeping  background dread. This plays nicely against the more optimistic, warbling lead lines and sweeping synths. The contradiction is matched in Ida No’s vocals, sounding quite upbeat as she lays down some melancholy lyrics. The Possessed is deserved of it’s seven minute length, it;s a track you just have to go with and enjoy the experience.

Glass Candy – The Possessed (Extended Runway Edit)

After Dark 2 will be out soon, with tracks from Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, Appaloosa, Symmetry, and Chromatics.

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[Video] White Blush’s ‘Juice Of My Heart’

Here’s LA ElectroPop experimentalist White Blush new video for her tracks Juice Of My Heart.

Carol Rhyu herself directs the clip, which is pretty brutal, but I won;t spoil it for you, just watch.

White Blush’s self-titled début EP is out now.

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[Audio] Keep Shelly In Athens’ new single


Acclaimed left-field ElectroPop outfit Keep Shelly In Athens have announced their signing to Cascine for the release of the début full-length record. To celebrate the occasion they have unleashed the first single from the album onto an unsuspecting world.

Madmen Love is four minutes of brutal beauty. Deep, ominous bass synths and fidgety, industrial percussion. It’s a track that has a lot in common with much Minimal Synth, dark synthetic pulsating, kling-klang beats and tormented vocals that are pretty relentless, giving way only briefly the the dreamiest of breakdowns, just to build toward a cacophonous climax. Taking in influenced as varied as  UK bass the more avant-garde Goth, Madmen Love is modern Post-Punk done right.

♫ Keep Shelly In Athens – Madmen Love

Keep Shelly In Athens’ Madmen Love is out now, the album is due July 2013.

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[Audio] Mild Peril’s ‘Voyager 2010’ EP

Mild Peril

This week London based Italo Experimentalist Mild Peril released his latest EP. Well, latest as in ‘just released’, the tracks themselves date from 2010 (hence the EP’s title, Voyager 2012), but sound as fresh now as ever. Running the gauntlet from Italo to Minimal Synth to EBM to Cosmic Disco, Voyager’s three epics deliver vastly different styles, but are neatly tied together in Mild Peril’s rich analog atmosphere.

Separated into Sequences, the EP kicks off with Sequence I-II, an immediate attention grabber. It’s an evocative slice of Sci-Fi synth with a nostalgic Italo-Disco vibe. Whilst the pulsating Disco bass groove would be easy to get lost in on the dancefloor, the real joy of this eight minute odyssey is just sitting back and listening to the playing. The layers of intertwining melody sweep about the track carrying the listener through a music narrative with some hair raising solo moments. Sequence III is Minimal Synth meets SynthWave affair. Punchy drums, undulating arpeggios and a surprisingly sweet organ deliver an upbeat, driving exploration of live synth works. The EP closes on Sequence IV which sees the organ return in a much more ominous capacity over a track with classic EBM in it’s DNA. Considering this EP was pieced together out of older oddities in Mild Peril’s repertoire, it leaves us pretty excited to hear what he’s got planned going into the future.

♫ Mild Peril – Voyager, Sequence I-II

♫ Mild Peril – Voyager, Sequence III

If you’re in London this weekend you should check out Mild Peril’s EP release party, also featuring Soft Riot and A Terrible Splendour, details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/323188217785131

Voyager 2012 is out now.

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[Audio] Homework’s ‘The Edge Of Control Was Black’


It seems like Scotland is getting all the UK ElectroPop action right now. The next act that looks set for their fair share of media attention, after Glasgow’s Chvrches, appears to be Homework, who hail from Edinburgh. I smell an Electro city-based rivalry afoot. These guys are gearing up for the release of their début album, 13 Towers. Here’s the first track.

The Edge Of Control Was Black is something a bit different. Whilst it’s roots are definitely in ElectroPop and Minimal Synth, it;s essentially a rock song, made with Synths. A swirling cacophony of beautiful electronics set to a pile-driver Industrial beat. It’s exciting stuff, a melodic noise that is just the right kind of avant-garde that will appeal to those who like their music a little more ecclectic, but not so dark and grinding that it would stop them achieving mainstream attention. The cosmic garage band of the synth world, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Homework.

♫ Homework – The Edge Of Control Was Black

Homework’s début album, 13 Towers, is released 13th March, you can pre-order it here.

Check out more from Homework on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Factory Floor’s ‘Fall Back’

Factory Floor

It’s been about a year since UK Indie-Electro/Post-Punk/Post-Industrial outfit Factory Floor’s last single. The first hit of their début album, slated for release in May, is finally here. Getting a little Minimal Synth groove on, Fall Back is released on DFA later this month.

Clocking in it just under nine minutes, Fall Back is a hypnotic Elektro Industrial excursion. Combining the sparse electronic assault of early Industrial, the listless vocals of Minimal Synth and the pounding of EBM, all wrapped up in Factory Floors’ effortless cool, Fall Back delivers an aural experience that could have easily come out of Sheffield in 1980. It’s an interesting hint of what to expect when Factory Floor’s album drops, and a track you can completely loose yourself in.

♫ Factory Floor – Fall Back

Factory Floor’s Fall Back is released 15th January.

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[MP3] White Blush’s début EP

White Blush

White Blush is the pseudonym of LA based artist Carol Rhyu. originally from Chicago, Carol began playing in synth bands when she was in film school in LA, culminating in her launching her White Blush project earlier this year. She’s just released her début, self-titled, EP, and it makes for engrossing listening.

White Blush is a record of many sides, Carol’s music walking a line between hazy Dreampop and Minimal Synth. Stripped down and personal, the six songs on the EP quickly equate you with Rhyu’s ethereal tone and a sparse collection of vintage synth sounds. True Luv, the EP’s opener confronts you with a melodic barrage of ChipTune, raw Drum Machines and waves of dreamlike vocals that swim around the robotic cacophony, a melding of beauty with harshness that is evident throughout the EP. Carol site’s Julee Cruise as an influence, and it’s one she wears on her sleeve. If Cruise was locked in a room with only a TR808, a C64 and an array of broken vintage synths, and sleep deprived, the result may be similar. Mirror matches pulsing arpeggios with a toy-town melody to sound like a fevered dream version of the Blade Runner end titles while Jolene presents imposing industrial drums that are soon tempered with lush synths and some truly epic vocals. 808 Myst is the music from Myst played on an 808, and yes, it is a weird, and downright eerie, as it sounds and lease into the closing track. Juice Of My Heart is rapturous electronic Shoegaze that’s it’s easy to get lost in. White Blush’s début is an impressive, and involving piece of work. An otherworldly journey that leaves you reeling once it finishes and you’re back to reality.

White Blush – True Luv

White Blush – Jolene

White Blush – Juice Of My Heart

White Blush’s self-titled début EP is out now.

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[MP3] Violet Tremors’ ‘Control SubMission’

Violet Tremors

Our favourite Minimal Synth duo, Violet Tremors, are back with a powerhouse new reworking of their track Control Submarine. The girls are giving this new track away to celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of their stunning début album Time Is The Traitor.

Where Control Submarine was a measured, ominous electronic mood generator, equal parts gentle and imposing, Control SubMission takes the core of the track and ramps up the aural assault. Bringing an relentless early EBM beat and bassline to the track completely switches the vibe of the track, turning into a pounding, robotic march destined to destroy black-clad dancefloor everywhere. Long-time Mute collaborator James Aparicio sits behind the mixing desk for this one, no doubt bringing a hint of that classic Mute SynthPop experimentalism with him. indeed, Control SubMission could sit nicely amongst the likes of The Normal, Fad Gadget and Cabaret Voltaire.

Violet Tremors – Control SubMission

Time Is The Traitor is out now.

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[Video] Automatic Writing’s ‘Continuous’

London based Indie-Electro outfit Automatic Writing have just released their new single, Continuous. A rowdy tune that barrows in equal parts from Minimal Synth, Electro and Post Punk.

Here’s the video, which feature a fitting collection of imagery intercut with some live footage. The clip’s got a nice retro feel to it, which works nicely with Automatic Writing modern take on early 80s SynthPop.

Automatic Writing’s Continuous is out now.

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