[MP3] Free Johan Agebjörn/Sally Shapiro reMix album, ‘Sweetened’



Never one to sit around on his arse, prolific ElectroPop producer Johan Agebjörn having already released the new Sally Shapiro album and it’s associated collection of reMixes, the man is keeping himself busy by releasing this free compilation of his reMix work, both as himself and as part of Sally Shapiro. Sweetened pulls together some pretty big names that Agebjörn has gifted with his production skills, featuring the likes of Little Boots, Jam & Spoon, Glass Candy, Lindstrøm, CFCF, Wolfram and Holy Ghost! and Hercules And Love Affair, and more.

It’s hard to pick favourites from this sweet collection, the releases here span a couple of years and showcase every side to Agebjörn’s production. From the blistering ElectroPop to the growling Italo, Johan always injects his music with an emotional energy, often mirroring the mood of the vocals, rising and falling with the sentiment of the track. Expect an album’s worth of punchy dance beats and starlight synthesizers that whirl around your head. At times the album show’s off Agebjörn deeper, groovier, more experimental side, but on the whole you’re treated to 13 tracks from one of the best ElectroPop producers in the world working today. Did we mention it was free?

Little Boots – Crescendo (Sally Shapiro Diminuendo reMix)

Wolfram (Feat. Hercules And Love Affair) – Fireworks (Johan Agebjörn reMix)

Lindstrøm – Grand Ideas (Johan Agebjörn reMix)

Glass Candy – The Chameleon (Johan Johan Agebjörn reMix)

Johan Agebjörn/Sally Shapiro’s reMix album, Sweetened, is out now, get it here.

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[Video] Glass Candy’s ‘Redheads Feel More Pain’



It’s another one of the awesome Glass Candy’s enigmatic videos. This one’s for the track Redheads Feel More Pain, their contribution to the Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark 2.

Once again the clip uses footage shot by Alberto Rossini, actually test shots for a photoshoot in Ibiza earlier this summer.

Redheads Feel More Pain is taken from After Dark 2, out now.

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[Video] Glass Candy’s ‘The Possessed’

We posted Glass Candy’s new tune, The Possessed, a few days ago, being another tease of what to expect from Italians Do It Better’s forthcoming After Dark 2 compilation. Now here’s the video.

Directed, once again, by Alberto Rossini, features more footage in grainy video style. His old 8mm style works so well with Glass Candy’s music.

After Dark 2 will be out soon, with tracks from Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, Appaloosa, Symmetry, and Chromatics.

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[MP3] Glass Candy’s ‘The Possessed’


Here we have another little taste of what come come with Italians Do It Better’s forthcoming, and long awaited, After Dark 2 compilation. This look behind the curtain comes in the form of Glass Candy’s absolutely epic, seven minute, Extended Runway Edit of The Possessed. No doubt an extended runway edit because it soundtracked some high-concept fashion show in recent months, as is Glass Candy tracks wont.

A beautiful, minimal seven minutes of synthetics. The Possessed pairs a stripped down Italo bassline with a slower tempo to a creeping  background dread. This plays nicely against the more optimistic, warbling lead lines and sweeping synths. The contradiction is matched in Ida No’s vocals, sounding quite upbeat as she lays down some melancholy lyrics. The Possessed is deserved of it’s seven minute length, it;s a track you just have to go with and enjoy the experience.

Glass Candy – The Possessed (Extended Runway Edit)

After Dark 2 will be out soon, with tracks from Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, Appaloosa, Symmetry, and Chromatics.

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[MP3] Chromatics cover New Order


Alongside an eclectic new mixtape from Johnny Jewel, Italian’s Do It Better have also just released this cover of Jewel’s Chromatics cover of the classic New Order track, Ceremony. The cover features on the new mixtape alongside the likes of Xeno & Oaklander, Desire and Kraftwerk.

Chromatics’ version of the tune is a slowed down, blissed out dream that gets Hooky’s bass spot-on and features Glass Candy’s Ida No adding a little guitar to the mix. Spacious, but not sparse, the track is a downtempo wave of relaxed sounds and Chromatics vocalist Ruth Radelet’s crooning out Sumner’s lyrics with a hazy tone. Perfect space-out music for dreamers, and a nice cover that remains true to the vibe of the original whist sounding completely unique.

Chromatics (Feat. Ida No) – Ceremony (New Order Cover)

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Glass Candy’s ‘Warm In The Winter’ video

Today neo-Italo ElectroPop act Glass Candy unveiled the video for ‘Warm In The Winter’, which we’ve been waiting for a while.

Directed by Alberto Rossini, the videos vintage, grainy footage of GC on the west coast this summer forces a new nostalgia to go along with the incredibly catchy track. 

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Glass Candy’s ‘Halloween’

Taking the crown for spookiest post today is the always excellent Glass Candy and their cover with vocals/tribute/homage to John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ theme. With just hints of the theme amongst deep pulsating electronics and Ida’s unsettling vocal, it’s creepy stuff.

Alberto Rossini has directed an equally creepy, yet somehow still retro cool, video for the track.

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Glass Candy reMixes Appaloosa

It’s Italo heroes Glass Candy’s second official reMix in 11 years! The subject is Appaloosa’s new single ‘Intimate’.

At just under 6 minutes, the mix certainly manages to sound epic despite being quite lo-fi in it’s instrumentation. What comes out the other side of the Glass Candy studio machine is a hypnotic and engaging ElectroPop tune with Italo Disco leanings. Perfect for summer late nights.

Appaloosa – Intimate (Glass Candy reMixxx)

Appaloosa’s ‘Intimate’ single is out 30th August.

Appaloosa @ Beatport

Appaloosa @ Juno

Appaloosa @ 7Digital

Appaloosa @ Amazon

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Glass Candy release new EP


Italo influenced ElectroPop act Glass Candy recently released a new EP, ‘Feeling Without Touching’, on Italians Do It Better.

The title track is actually quite old but makes for a sound into to the EP, which also features the songs ‘Sugar & Whitebread’, ‘Covered In Bugs’ and ‘Shine Like Gold & Diamonds’, as it’s a pretty apt example of Glass Candy’s slick retro Pop. Italo beats and analog synths with Ida No’s sultry vocals.

Glass Candy – Feeling Without Touching (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Feeling Without Touching’ is out now.

Glass Candy @ Beatport

Glass Candy @ Juno

Glass Candy @ 7Digital

Glass Candy @ Amazon