[Audio] Homework’s ‘The Edge Of Control Was Black’


It seems like Scotland is getting all the UK ElectroPop action right now. The next act that looks set for their fair share of media attention, after Glasgow’s Chvrches, appears to be Homework, who hail from Edinburgh. I smell an Electro city-based rivalry afoot. These guys are gearing up for the release of their début album, 13 Towers. Here’s the first track.

The Edge Of Control Was Black is something a bit different. Whilst it’s roots are definitely in ElectroPop and Minimal Synth, it;s essentially a rock song, made with Synths. A swirling cacophony of beautiful electronics set to a pile-driver Industrial beat. It’s exciting stuff, a melodic noise that is just the right kind of avant-garde that will appeal to those who like their music a little more ecclectic, but not so dark and grinding that it would stop them achieving mainstream attention. The cosmic garage band of the synth world, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Homework.

♫ Homework – The Edge Of Control Was Black

Homework’s début album, 13 Towers, is released 13th March, you can pre-order it here.

Check out more from Homework on SoundCloud.


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