[MP3] Glass Candy’s ‘The Possessed’


Here we have another little taste of what come come with Italians Do It Better’s forthcoming, and long awaited, After Dark 2 compilation. This look behind the curtain comes in the form of Glass Candy’s absolutely epic, seven minute, Extended Runway Edit of The Possessed. No doubt an extended runway edit because it soundtracked some high-concept fashion show in recent months, as is Glass Candy tracks wont.

A beautiful, minimal seven minutes of synthetics. The Possessed pairs a stripped down Italo bassline with a slower tempo to a creeping  background dread. This plays nicely against the more optimistic, warbling lead lines and sweeping synths. The contradiction is matched in Ida No’s vocals, sounding quite upbeat as she lays down some melancholy lyrics. The Possessed is deserved of it’s seven minute length, it;s a track you just have to go with and enjoy the experience.

Glass Candy – The Possessed (Extended Runway Edit)

After Dark 2 will be out soon, with tracks from Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, Appaloosa, Symmetry, and Chromatics.

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