[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘Lenses’


Soft Metals  Lenses   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Lenses, the title track of amazing Portland based Minimal Synth outfit Soft Metals’ sophomore album.

Co-Directed by Eva Aguila and Soft Metal’s Patricia Hall, it’s the closes thing to a ‘traditional’ music video Soft Metals have done, but with added Soft Metals psychedelic, electronic, flair.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Video] Xeno & Oaklander’s ‘Sheen’


Xeno   Oaklander    Sheen   Official Music Video    YouTube

Sheen is the forthcoming new single from Brooklyn Minimal Synth duo Xeno & Oaklander. The first taste of their forthcoming new album, due out this Autumn, Sheen is a surprisingly upbeat and catchy affair.

The video was directed by Joshua Zucker-Pluda and revolves around the last woman left int he world, alone and searching for answers.

Xeno & Oaklander’s Sheen is out now on 12” and digital with single pamphlet.

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[Video] Glass Candy’s ‘Redheads Feel More Pain’



It’s another one of the awesome Glass Candy’s enigmatic videos. This one’s for the track Redheads Feel More Pain, their contribution to the Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark 2.

Once again the clip uses footage shot by Alberto Rossini, actually test shots for a photoshoot in Ibiza earlier this summer.

Redheads Feel More Pain is taken from After Dark 2, out now.

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[Video] Soft Metals’ ‘Tell Me’


Soft Metals    Tell Me   OFFICIAL VIDEO    YouTube

Here’s the video for Portland based  Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft MetalsTell Me, taken from their stunning new album Lenses.

Re-edited from a short film titled Hardcore, from filmmakers Erin Frost and Shaun Kardinal, the clip features lots of getting it on.

Soft Metals’ Lenses is out now.

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[Audio] Mild Peril’s ‘Unknown Zones’ Vol’s 1 & 2


mild peril

July had been a busy week for London based Italo synthesist Chris Flatline A.K.A. Mild Peril. With two releases, on different formats, in the space of a week, Mild Peril in on the approach vector to deliver the culmination of this particular phase of his Cosmic Italo journey. One limited edition, on Vivod Records, and one digital release should whet people appetites for of this lush, evocative, electronic soundtrack.

Firstly, there is the limited edition 12” release of Alpha Zone and Gamma Zone. Both to be found in their original form on the Unknown Zones, First Survey EP, here slightly reworked but no less fantastical. These two tracks are amongst Mild Peril’s best, robotic yet emotional, mysterious yet comforting, utilising machine beats, razor sharp lead lines and heady swirls of synthesizer sounds to create moods for your head and your feet. Owning these two tunes on vinyl is a pretty interesting prospect for the discerning Italo DJ. The second release, Unknown Zones Vol. 2, contains two new tunes, Outer Zone/Sigma Zone and Crisis In Gamma Zone, both built upon existing themes but honed through the last couple of years of releases and live shows into two epic electronic narratives. At around quarter of an hour each, there is much scope here for ushering the listener through a variety of moods that weave together to tell the tale of the whole. Haunting chimes and cascades of electronic warmth will give way to pulsating arpeggios and pulsating FM bass, and back again, as the voyage though Italo, Cosmic Disco and late 70s soundtrack vibes progresses. A definite recommendation for any lover of synthesizer music that should be seeing a physical release later in the year.

♫ Mild Peril – Alpha Zone

♫ Mild Peril – Crisis In Gamma Zone

Mild Peril’s Unknown Zones Vol. 1 and Unknown Zones Vol. 2 are both out now.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘In The Air’


Soft Metals

Here’s the second single from Portland Minimal Synth Robo-Pop duo Soft Metals’ forthcoming sophomore album, Lenses. We had a taste of what’s to come back in May with the first release, Tell Me, now this new track, In The Air, has us even more eagerly awaiting the new record.

With Glaswegian Electro master JD Twitch providing hypnotic warehouse drum programming ion this one, In The Air nicely mixes up ethereal DreamPop with a gritty Acid House groove. With futuristic pulsating Acid bass and retro, clap laden, House beats In the Air has a dark, strobe lit, quality to it that is tempered only by Patricia’s haunting siren song. Lenses is definitely shaping up to be one of the albums of the year.

♫ Soft Metals – In The Air

Soft Metals’ In The Air is released on 16th July.

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[Video] Tristesse Contemporaine’s ‘Waiting’


Tristesse Contemporaine   Waiting  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for French Minimal SynthPoppers Tristesse Contemporaine’s new single, the hypnotic and moving Waiting. A track loaded with 80s synth experimentalism and Indie-Electro cool.

The video is directed by Jørgen Leth, and taken from his film 66 Scenes From America in a scene titled Andy Warhol, Burger.

Tristesse Contemporaine’s Waiting is released 13th May on Record Makers.

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[Audio] Soft Metals’ ‘Tell Me’


Soft Metals

Tell Me is our first hint of LA SynthPop/Minimal Synth duo Soft Metals’ long awaited sophomore album. The new full length LP, titled Lenses, follows the bands acclaimed 2011 self titled record and is set to drop in June. Tell Me gives us just a little taste of what to expect from Lenses.

It’s a track that is severely whetting out appetites. Hypnotic bests, robotic apreggios, metallic chords, all tempered with Patricia’s gentle, haunting vocal. Delivering an almost classic Italo groove, with just a hint of the kind of cosmic vibe you’d expect from Sci-Fi Italo, the ice cold electronics work together to produce something that is far warmer than the sum of it’s parts suggest, far funkier too. By the time the big vintage keys kick-in you can;t help but be drawn back into Soft Metals world. It’s a welcome return that has us eagerly awaiting the album.

♫ Soft Metals – Tell Me

Soft Metals’ Lenses is due to be released 16th June via Captured Tracks.

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[Audio] Rex The Dog’s ‘Bonn’


Rex The Dog

This is Bonn, Rex The Dog’s Record Store Day opus. Released on the auspicious day in a limited quantity of 300 12”s with hand etched sleeves, Bonn will (thankfully, for those who missed out) also see a digital release next month via Southern Fried Records. Rex really is the don when it comes to funky analog workouts and Bonn exemplifies this.

Bonn is a huge dancefloor monster. At times Poppy, at times Acidic, at times dirty Electro. During the course of it’s seven minute length it keeps quite a strong Minimal Synth feel, but applies these sensibilities to a dark dancefloor groove. A grinding, hypnotic, synthetic juggernaut that is relentless in delivering it’s mesmerising hooks. Also, sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun to produce too, which is nice.

♫ Rex The Dog – Bonn

Rex The Dog’s Bonn is released 6th May.

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[Audio] Soft Riot’s ‘No Longer Stranger’


Soft Riot

Recently released, was the new record fro London based Minimal Synth artist Soft Riot. No Longer Stranger was originally conceived at an EP, but expanded into an eight track mini-album for this release and serves as an interim before Soft Riots next album proper, Fiction Prediction, due in a couple of months.

No Longer Stranger is a collection of moody, atmospheric tracks, driven by vintage machine beats and warbling arpeggios. Combining late 70s synthesizer cinema music (the kind of stuff in horror and Sci-Fi movies in the years just before the music the SynthWave scene adores kicked off) and the  metronome sparsety of early Cabaret Voltaire, with a little whispered Soft Cell sleaze, Soft Riot deliver something, not to make you move on the dancefloor, but to soundtrack your walk home after the club has shut, through dark city streets. Pulsating analog basses and white noise snares provide the basis for haunting, glowing melodies and Soft Riot’s enigmatic growl, from the Numanoid Your Secret Light Shines At Night to the acid nightmare SynthPop of Your Strange New Career via the dystopian psychedelic of Tragic Magic, No Longer Stranger isn’t always comfortable listening, but ultimately rewarding. Check out A Simulation, the album’s one dance tune, that works a little early Skinny Puppy and a hint of Electro Boogie into the mix.

♫ Soft Riot – A Simulation

Soft Riot’s No Longer Stranger is out now.

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