[Download] Fare Soldi reMix Madonna’s ‘Holiday’



Seems like the recipie for the perfect sunshine tune. Take, what is arguable Madonna’s most chipper tune, Holiday, and give it to Italian Fico Disco pioneers Fare Soldi. right now we can’t think of a more perfect match to produce something that will, without fail, put a smile on your face.

Of course they kept the little synth Funk riff, why wouldn’t you? But Fare Soldi have teamed that up with a big bouncy bassline and a sweetly shuffling beat. Upbeat arpeggios and starlight keys spread out over a pair of duelling basslines (one bass,one synth) to serve up something think and funky and genuinely upbeat. Add a bit of Madge over to top and you’ve got something instantly recognisable to your ears and irresistible to your feet.

Madonna – Holiday (Fare Soldi Rmx)

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Fare Soldi’s I Told You I Was Frico‘ Mixtape

Fare Soldi

Fare Soldi – I Told You I Was Frico 2011 = They told you they were Frico, and you didn’t believe them, now look what you’ve gone and done! You made them feel like they had to prove it!

Fare Soldi – I Told You I Was Frico 2011

The tracklist:

01.  Mark Ronson & The Business INTL. (Feat. MNDR & Q-Tip) – Bang Bang Bang (Axe’s Funky Bangt)
02.  Lazydisco – More Tigers
03.  Gigamesh – It’s So Intense (Fare Soldi Enrico Pallazzo Rmx)
04.  The Whip – Secret Weapon (Alex Metric Rmx)
05.  Justice – Helix (Don Diablo Rmx)
06.  Fare Soldi – Buchi Nights
07.  Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (Drop Out Orchestra Rmx)
08.  Testarossa – Boogie Nights In Paris
09.  Moullinex – Sunflare
10.  Elio E Le Storie Tese – Discomusic
11.  Axel Le Baron & Kurbatov – Fame (Big Dope P & Puto Prata Rmx)
12.  Les Loups – Side To Side (Ohyeah Rmx)
13.  Carte Blanche – Jack Of The Moon
14.  Fare Soldi – Vittorino
15.  Fifteenth – My Fantasy (Part Deux)
16.  Louis La Roché – Los Angeles
17.  Black Box – Everybody Everybody (Rockapella)

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Fare Soldi reMix Gigamesh


If you haven’t already picked up Gigamesh’s new self-titled EP rest assured it comes highly recommended for putting some groove in your weekend.

In celebration of the recent release Italy’s madcap Disco heads Fare Soldi have dropped their reMix of ‘So Intense’ that features on this weeks full reMix package release. The track is classic Fare Soldi, only the most powerful and in-your-face Italo influenced Disco-House, with a sense of fun. When the bassline kicks in you can’t help but move, and grin, to this.

Gigamesh – So Intense (Fare Soldi Enrico Pallazzo Rmx)

Gigamesh’s EP is out now.

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Fare Soldi reMix Toro Y Moi

Italian production team Fare Soldi have turned their attention on Toro Y Moi, turning the Chillwave into Funkwave.

Our favourite crazy Disco duo give ‘New Beat’ a thorough Italo influenced Disco going over. The track is cowbell crazy and features June’s official funkiest bassline. Be prepared to be put in a good mood!

Toro Y Moi – New Beat (Fare Soldi ‘CantaTu’ Rmx)

Check out Fare Soldi’s SoundCloud for more tunes.

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Justin Faust ‘Sloppy Chic’ reMixes

Justin Faust had just dropped a selection of reMixes from his ‘Sloppy Chic’ EP of last year.

The standout for me is Super Mal’s heavy Nu-Disco workout of ‘Your Life’. What more can you want from a track like this? Killer bassline, rapid fire synths that shine like a beacon in the darkness all over the place. This reMix has got a groove that is just going to slay dancefloors worldwide. Italians Fare Soldi also turn in a killer rhythmic Italo/Disco mix of the title track. It’s a low-down dirty and grimy Disco track that gets inside your head!

Justin Faust – Your Life (Super Mal reMix)

Justin Faust – Sloppy Chic (Fare Soldi reMix)

Faust’s ‘Sloppy Chic’ EP is out now, the reMix EP is coming soon:

Justin Faust @ Beatport

Justin Faust @ Juno

Justin Faust @ 7Digital

Justin Faust @ Amazon

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Fare Soldi reMixes Duran Duran’s Rio

Italian masters of all things crazy Italo Fare Soldi have got their funky hands on Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’. This can only end well (or badly, depending on your position).

Spotlighting the tune’s mental bassline over a 909 beat whist dropping in bits of the song over the top is the path to true Italo enlightenment. Fare Soldi always manage to keep thing fresh and he they do a spot-on job or working the retro and the contemporary into a dancefloor slaying package.

Duran Duran – Rio (Fare Soldi ‘Sposerò Simon Le Bon’ reMix)

Fare Soldi have just dropped their ‘Vigorilla’ EP, check it out:

Duran Duran @ Beatport

Duran Duran @ Juno

Duran Duran @ 7Digital

Duran Duran @ Amazon

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Fare Soldi’s New EP


The sun is shining and it may be April but we can pretend it’s summer, no? To help us in our delusion Italian Italo masters Fare Soldi are about to drop a new EP.

Titled ‘Houstria’, the EP’s lead track ‘Pompa O Non Pompa’ ask the incredibly important question “to pump, or not to pump” and answers it with, well, pump! It’s full on Italo Disco and defiantly not to be missed if you’re parting in this fine weather. Also on the EP is ‘Stambulia’ with more of an Electro-House vibe to it but remaining just as ‘out there’ in Fare Soldi’s own particular style.

Fare Soldi – Pompa O Non Pompa (zShare) (MediaFire)

Fare Soldi – Stambulia (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Houstria’ drops worldwide on 30th April.

Fare Soldi @ Beatport

Fare Soldi @ 7Digital

Italo from Fare Soldi


It’s Italo time! Fare Soldi were featured on the compilation album ‘Italo School’ alongside the lieks of Crookers, Cecile, Scuola Furano, Blatta & Inesha and Pink is Punk.

Their track,’Tutto, Tutti, Sempre, Subito’, is an Acid laden, Italo, cowbell party with a sweet Disco flavoured mid-section.!

Fare Soldi – Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Italo School’ is out now.

Fare Soldi @ Beatport

Fare Soldi @ 7Digital