Monsieur Adi’s latest Madonna reMix


Now, with all pretence of being a trilogy Monsieur Adi’s fifth Madonna reMix has landed to wow us once more.

What can we say about Adi’s mixes that we haven’t already said? The man’s skill as a Nu-Disco producer with a perfect ear for the dancefloor coupled with his flair for the orchestral is a combination that wins ever single time. The way he keeps the groove while adding all the drama and emotion for the most rousing movie score amazes us every time. It’s no different with this reMix of ‘Beautiful Stranger’, the track is led by a robust horn section and swelling strings that only around the four minute mark are complimented but the beat kicking in, but this just adds to the anticipation, and when the beat does drop, along with a shift in the strings, it’s powerful stuff.

Madonna – Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Madonna – Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi reMix (Instrumental))

Monsieur Adi ‘s other Madonna reMixes are available on his SoundCloud.

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